Shopify – Pay Only $1 Per Month For Your First 3 Months (2024)

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shopify october deal

Try Basic Shopify for 3 moths days for only $1/month!

We're teaming up with Shopify on this exclusive deal: 3 day free trial + pay only $1/month for your first 3 months.

Spots are limited to the stores that sign up using the link below.

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How to Pay Only $1/month for 3 Months of Shopify?

Shopify has begun offering a special deal for sellers who sign up for a new Shopify plan. That deal? Pay Shopify $1/month for 3 months of full access to the platform! And that pertains the $29 Basic Shopify Plan, and the $5 Starter Plan.

What’s more is that current Shopify customers aren’t left out. If you already have a paid Shopify plan, you’re able to upgrade to the same plan to gain access to the $1/month for 3 months Shopify promotion.

Who’s Eligible for the $1/month for 3 Months Shopify Promotion?

As mentioned, any potential or current customer of Shopify has the opportunity to get Shopify for $1/month over 3 months.

Individual accounts and enterprise accounts can both take advantage of the discount, as long as it’s involving a new sign-up to Shopify.

Keep in mind, however, that the Shopify Starter Plan (which sells for $5 per month) is also eligible for the $1/month over 3 months discount. This plan it’s not really meant for running a real ecommerce store (it’s more for influencers to sell random products, particularly through social media). You can read our Shopify Starter review here.

What’s Included with the $1/month for 3 Months Shopify Promotion?

All merchants who sign up or upgrade to receive the $1/month for 3 months Shopify discount get several other perks, like:

  • A 3 day free trial period before that 3 months begins (not available for current customers)
  • Renewal pricing that actually starts at $14.44 per month when you sign up for a yearly payment plan
  • Training courses that are customized for specific merchants
  • A Shopify theme store with 100s of templates, and the Shopify App Store with 40,000+ apps for things like marketing functionality, Shopify dropshipping, advanced checkouts, Shopify Payments, Amazon selling, SEO, PayPal, multiple payment gateways, various sales channels, and more
  • Temporary free access to Shopify Plus features like advanced inventory management, shipping rules, and product reviews
  • A dedicated team manager for you to contact and chat with to find help when setting up your Shopify store
  • A special feature for building online sales funnels

How to Get the Discount to Pay Only $1/month for 3 Months of Shopify?


Where do you get this great deal for your online store? For current users, it’s not shown in the Shopify dashboard. And new merchants may have to search around to find the right link on the Shopify website.

However, has a direct landing page to instantly sign up for Shopify, choose a plan, and receive full access to the ecommerce platform for that low price of $1/month over 3 months.

Click here to get the deal.

Once on the page, you’ll see a banner in the header that explains how you can start a Shopify free trial (for 3 days) and sign up for a plan that’s only $1/month for 3 months. Click on that banner to sign up for Shopify. That walks you through the process of selecting a Shopify account plan, which you can always change later. As an alternative, type your email address into the provided field, and click Start Free Trial to begin.

What’s the Overall Savings with the Shopify Discount?

shopify discounted pricing with the $1 per month for the first 3 months deal

Are you interested in understanding how much a Shopify website will actually cost you over time? And how much in savings will you see if you commit to the $1/month for 3 months deal?

For a new user:

  • It’s simple: you pay $1/month for 3 months of Basic Shopify or Shopify Starter
  • You also receive 14 days for free due to the extended trial
  • Upon renewal, you pay $14.44 to $29 per month for the Basic Shopify Plan, $39.44 to $79 per month for the Shopify Plan, or $147.78 to $299 per month for the Advanced Plan
  • That comes out to a starting price of $130.96 for the entire first year of Shopify (with the Basic Plan paid yearly, and the discount applied)

For a current user:

  • Your regular billing will continue, but with the discount factored in
  • So, someone paying for the $14.44 Basic Shopify Plan (yearly payments) would see a $130.96 bill instead, or a $10.91 monthly bill
  • Someone paying for the $29 monthly plan would actually have a monthly bill of $21.75 per month once the discount was applied; that comes to $261 per year

What Happens When the Shopify Discount (And Trial) Ends?

If you’re a new Shopify user, you have the chance to combine a 3 day trial and 3 months of Shopify for $1/month. That means there are two deadlines approaching.

The first is the end of your free trial. What happens after that?

Well, that’s when your $1/month for 3 month of Shopify discount goes into effect. You don’t have to worry about changing your plan or getting hit with a significantly higher monthly price, since the each of the next three months only cost you $1.

Furthermore, you get to continue working on your site for an extremely low price. All features remain the same after the free trial.

What happens when the discount ends? That’s when you’re presented with options to upgrade, keep the same plan, or downgrade. Depending on the plan you chose during sign up, you may want to adjust based on the plans you may have for the future. There’s also the option to sign up for yearly payments, which can cut your bill by close to 50%.

We’ll also note that all work completed on a Shopify site remains put. Even if you don’t decide to continue your account (with the new monthly or yearly fees) Shopify saves all themes, apps, products, design elements, and whatever customizations you decide to add to the site. You can come back, log into your account, and pick up right where you left off, as long as you’re willing to activate a paying account.

Overall, Shopify doesn’t delete sites in the short term, so you can think about how your experience went, decide if you’d still like to proceed with your ecommerce site, then come back to Shopify to continue where you left off.

Sign Up to Pay $1/month for 3 Months of Shopify Today

Shopify has run this type of deal in the past, but only a few times. These types of Shopify offers don't come around that often, so we encourage you to at least utilize the free trial. If you’re still considering other platforms, or you’re not sure if an ecommerce business is right for you, there’s the option to extend the free trial for only $1/month, and that lasts for 3 months.

Sign up for the steepest discount Shopify has ever offered (no credit card or discount code required), and get your online business off the ground today!

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