Password Generator

Generate passwords:

This password generator helps you create secure and complex passwords based on user-defined criteria, such as length, the inclusion of numbers, symbols, and mixed-case letters.

It is designed to create passwords that are difficult to guess or crack, providing enhanced security for users' online accounts.

By using our password generator, you can ensure that your passwords are unique and strong, which is essential in protecting personal and sensitive information against cyber threats.


  1. When a user visits our password generator page, they are presented with a user-friendly interface. The first step for the user is to input their preferences for the password they want to create. This includes:
    1. Password Length Selection: The user can specify the desired length of the password.
    2. Character Type Selection: The user can select which character types to include in the password. The available options include:
      1. Lowercase letters (a-z)
      2. Uppercase letters (A-Z)
      3. Numbers (0-9)
      4. Symbols (e.g., !, @, #, $, etc.)
  2. Once the user has specified their preferences, the password generator takes over. It uses JavaScript to create a password based on the chosen length and character types. The generation process is entirely client-side, meaning it occurs on the user's device, not on our server. This local processing ensures that NO sensitive information is sent over the internet.
  3. After generating the password, our tool evaluates its strength. The strength meter provides a visual representation of how secure the password is, helping the user understand its complexity. A strong password is typically characterized by a mix of character types, sufficient length, and randomness.
  4. To make it easy for users to utilize the generated password, our tool includes a “Copy” button. Users can click this button to copy the password to their clipboard for easy pasting into the password field of the service they are setting up.