The Ultimate Magento 2电子商务评论(2021年XNUMX月)

您计划在线商店使用哪种电子商务平台? Volusion? Shopify? 也许 BigCommerce? What about choosing the most popular如何选择最受欢迎的 电子商务解决方案 in the world?在世界上? That's right, none of the platforms mentioned above are the most used in the industry.没错,上述平台都不是业内使用最多的平台。 According to an Alexa study,根据Alexa的一项研究, Magento的 用于所有20% 电子商务网站 online.线上。 That's pretty impressive!真是令人印象深刻! One of the reasons for this is because of Magento's flexibility and expandability.原因之一是因为Magento的灵活性和可扩展性。 You can add just about any type of feature to your site--and that's why so many large and fast-growing businesses opt for Magento.您可以在网站上添加几乎任何类型的功能,这就是为什么许多大型且快速发展的企业选择Magento的原因。 In this Magento review, we'll outline the platform's best features, along with things like pricing and customer support.在此Magento评论中,我们将概述平台的最佳功能以及定价和客户支持等内容。

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