Drupal vs Shopify:2021年完整指南

Drupal电子商务与 Shopify 在线销售

If you're planning on building an online store, you know that you're going to need a few things to get you started.如果您打算建立在线商店,那么您将需要一些入门知识。 The first, and often most important element, is an idea.第一个也是通常最重要的元素是一个想法。 What are you going to sell online, and why?您打算在网上销售什么?为什么? Next, you need an audience.接下来,您需要一个观众。 Who do you want to target with your commerce site?您想将谁作为您的商务网站的目标? Who can you best serve with whatever you're selling?无论您卖出什么产品,都能为谁提供最佳服务?

Once you've figured out those essentials, unless you're selling offline with a point of sale, you'll need a home for your digital shop – somewhere your customers can go to find you and all the products you have to share.一旦弄清了这些要点,除非您要通过销售点离线销售,否则您将需要一家数字商店的住所-客户可以在该处找到您以及您必须共享的所有产品。 Fortunately, there are plenty of幸运的是,有很多 电子商务平台 可提供帮助的选项。

Today's marketplace for site-building is more saturated than ever.当今的网站建设市场比以往任何时候都更加饱和。 You can experiment with everything from Amazon, to您可以尝试从亚马逊到 BigCommerceMagento的,具体取决于您的销售方式。

今天,我们正在寻找两种出色的选择: Drupal和 Shopify.


Drupal vs Shopify:概述

Drupal和 Shopify Drupal是市场上最引人入胜的开源电子商务项目之一。 The technology is licensed under the GPL, and there are no fees associated with any of its features.该技术是根据GPL许可的,其任何功能均不收取任何费用。

Drupal是当今可用的最古老的电子商务工具之一。 Drupal负责 2.3%的在线网站,并且为科罗拉多大学,美国国家航空航天局甚至《经济学人》等公司提供支持。

Shopify 是Drupal的绝佳替代品,更适合于编码知识有限的人。 Shopify is widely regarded as the ultimate ecommerce site builder, ideal for helping companies to stand out with things like SSL certificates, and social media integrations.被广泛认为是最终的电子商务网站建设者,是帮助公司脱颖而出的理想之选,例如SSL证书和社交媒体集成。 Compared to tools like Weebly and Wix,与Weebly和Wix等工具相比, Shopify 是周围最大的电子商务平台之一。

Shopify supports countless companies with sales tools like shopping carts, checkout tools, and various other elements.通过销售工具(例如购物车,结帐工具和各种其他元素)为无数公司提供支持。 If you're looking for an easy way to get online, and Drupal commerce seems too complicated,如果您正在寻找一种简单的上网方式,而Drupal贸易似乎太复杂了, Shopify 作为电子商务解决方案,几乎没有学习曲线。

Drupal vs Shopify:优点和缺点

当您比较Drupal Commerce和 Shopify,要让苹果全面了解哪种工具更好是一项挑战。 Drupal和 Shopify are very different, one is an open-source solution, while the others is more of a complete service for beginners.两者有很大的不同,一个是开源解决方案,而其他则更多是为初学者提供的完整服务。 Let's take a closer look at some of the pros and cons you'll need to think about when examining these tools.让我们仔细看看在检查这些工具时需要考虑的一些利弊。

Shopify 优点👍

  • 个性定制:许多自定义选项和主题可供选择, Shopify 轻松展示您的品牌。
  • 出色的电子商务功能: Shopify makes it easy to make a profit from credit card payments and regular purchases.轻松从信用卡付款和常规购买中获利。 There are tons of ecommerce software tools有大量的电子商务软件工具
  • 灵活性: Shopify's app store is one of the most comprehensive available.的应用商店是最全面的应用商店之一。 You can find plugins for everything from a new payment gateway, to SEO.您可以找到各种插件,从新的支付网关到SEO。
  • 强大的支持: 如果您想充分利用自己的电子商务网站, Shopify 将为您提供所需的服务。
  • 社区指导: Shopify 使得与众多乐于助人的专业人员一起寻求帮助变得更加容易。
  • 使用方便: Shopify has a simple back end that small businesses can get used to very quickly.具有简单的后端,小型企业可以很快适应。 You don't need to worry about a complex code base.您无需担心复杂的代码库。

Shopify 缺点👎

  • 费用: Shopify 附带要考虑的交易费用,而Drupal是免费使用的解决方案,因为它是开源的。
  • 限制: 计划 Shopify 不是像Drupal这样的开放源代码,您可以对代码进行多少调整存在一些限制。


Shopify is a fantastic platform brimming with tools for sales and ecommerce.是一个充满销售和电子商务工具的绝佳平台。 With用 Shopify,您通常可以在没有太多额外帮助的情况下建立出色的在线业务。 Drupal, on the other hand, offers a more flexible approach to online selling, with endless support for coding and growth.另一方面,Drupal提供了更灵活的在线销售方法,并为编码和增长提供了无穷的支持。 Here's what you need to know about Drupal.这是您需要了解的Drupal。


  • 全球贸易: Drupal是支持所有货币,语言和税收需求的全球在线销售的理想选择。 The full-featured system also supports shopping carts, multilingual checkout forms, and more.功能齐全的系统还支持购物车,多语种结帐表格等。
  • 可扩展性: 喜欢 Shopify,Drupal与用于实现服务,网关,会计应用程序等的许多第三方解决方案集成。 The open-source API gives you plenty of room for updates.开源API为您提供了足够的更新空间。
  • 完全的设计自由度: 尽管 Shopify Drupal是目前最灵活的产品之一。
  • 不断更新: As an open-source project, Drupal is constantly updating and delivering new features.作为一个开源项目,Drupal不断更新并提供新功能。 We're currently at the point of Drupal 7, and new functionality is appearing all the time.我们目前正处在Drupal XNUMX的时刻,新功能一直在出现。
  • 大量控制: Drupal具有用于访问控制的内置系统,您可以在其中根据需要创建个人权限。 Drupal可以毫无问题地与您的业务一起扩展。


  • 支持较少: 尽管您可以从Commerce Guys等公司获得第三方支持,但是没有像您这样的公司直接支持Drupal。 Shopify.
  • 更复杂: 对于没有太多编码知识的初学者,Drupal作为开源解决方案注定会更加艰巨。

Drupal vs Shopify: 价钱

While there's a lot more to consider for small businesses building ecommerce sites than just pricing – budget is important to any entrepreneur.虽然小型企业在建立电子商务网站时需要考虑的不仅仅是定价,但预算对于任何企业家而言都很重要。 You need a service that you can afford to scale alongside your business.您需要一项可以与业务一起扩展的服务。

Shopify and Drupal take very different approaches to pricing.和Drupal采用截然不同的定价方法。 While而 ShopifyDrupal的定价是不同的。 The service is free to download, but that doesn't necessarily mean that it's not going to cost you anything.该服务是免费下载的,但这并不一定意味着它不会花费您任何费用。

Using Drupal as an open-source software for your ecommerce website won't cost you anything.使用Drupal作为电子商务网站的开源软件不会花费您任何费用。 However, there will be higher up-front costs associated with building your custom website in some cases.但是,在某些情况下,与构建自定义网站相关的前期费用会更高。 For instance, you'll need to pay for things like security and your SSL certificate separately.例如,您需要分别支付安全性和SSL证书等费用。 Then there's hosting and extra functionality to think about.然后是托管和其他功能需要考虑。

If you're not comfortable with coding, then the price of Drupal goes up again, because you'll need to hire a professional to work on your site for you.如果您对编码不满意,那么Drupal的价格会再次上涨,因为您需要聘请专业人员来为您的网站工作。 Some code professionals can cost tens of thousands of dollars to hire.一些代码专业人员可能要花费数万美元才能雇用。 That's assuming that you already have your criteria in mind for what you want to accomplish with your website.这是假设您已经考虑到要使用网站完成的条件。

Ongoing maintenance is another expense to consider with Drupal.持续的维护是Drupal需要考虑的另一项费用。 Besides the massive implementation costs, you should also consider the cost associated with looking after Drupal sites when they're ready.除了庞大的实施成本之外,您还应该考虑与准备好Drupal站点有关的成本。 Remember, because this is an open-source solution, the Drupal platform is always evolving, and you'll need to install updates and patches manually.请记住,因为这是一个开源解决方案,所以Drupal平台一直在发展,并且您需要手动安装更新和补丁。

You can learn how to manage Drupal on your own, but it is a time-consuming process.您可以学习如何自行管理Drupal,但这是一个耗时的过程。 Most larger companies prefer to have a professional on-site instead.大多数较大的公司宁愿拥有专业的现场服务。

那么,怎么做 Shopify 比较定价选项?

shopify 定价-Drupal与 shopify

好, Shopify is a little simpler than Drupal in terms of pricing structure.在定价结构上比Drupal稍微简单一些。 You get everything you need to run your store in a package.您将获得在商店中运行商店所需的一切。 There are three plans to choose from:有三种计划可供选择:

  • 基础 Shopify: 价格为每月29美元
  • Shopify: 价格为每月79美元
  • 高级 Shopify: 每月$ 299的价格

您还可以考虑另外两个 Shopify 计划 – Shopify 精简版,只需在现有网页上放置一个按钮,即可让您的客户选择购买产品,或者 Shopify 另外,这是针对企业客户的。

在大多数情况下,标准 Shopify plan will be the best option or growing businesses because it comes with extra functionality, like CSS coding, gift cards, and more.计划将是最佳选择或成长中的企业,因为它具有CSS编码,礼品卡等更多功能。 Advanced高级 Shopify 还支持第三方运费,以降低您的履约成本。

虽然乍看之下 Shopify 可能看起来比Drupal贵,因为您需要每月支付费用,实际上最终可以节省成本。 Shopify 具有内置的托管和维护之类的功能,因此您不必费心寻找第三方解决方案。

Shopify also comes with most of the tools that you need to build a website built into an accessible back-end that doesn't require a lot of coding knowledge.还附带了构建网站所需的大多数工具,这些网站内置在可访问的后端中,不需要大量的编码知识。 You don't need a professional to get started.您不需要专业人士即可上手。 You can even access a free trial with您甚至可以通过以下方式获得免费试用 Shopify to see how you feel about the tech before you pay anything.在支付任何费用之前先了解一下您对这项技术的看法。 This reduces the risk associated with selecting a new ecommerce tool.这降低了与选择新的电子商务工具相关的风险。

Drupal vs Shopify:销售功能

以上皆是 Shopify 和Drupal是用于在线销售的高度灵活的工具。 Shopify 也许对于初学者来说更容易使用,但是Drupal为那些了解代码的人提供了更多的自定义功能。

以上皆是 Shopify Drupal让您可以自由进行自己喜欢的所有销售。

Shopify 主要功能

shopify 功能-Drupal vs shopify

Shopify comes with the critical tools for online selling already built-in.随附了已经内置的在线销售关键工具。 The solution is one of the most popular and comprehensive ecommerce platforms available today.该解决方案是当今最流行和最全面的电子商务平台之一。 Shopify 可以接受各种规模的业务,并且可以选择接受大约70个不同提供商的付款。

Shopify's ecommerce platform comes with tools for building a complete online experience, including editing options for HTML and CSS.的电子商务平台随附用于构建完整在线体验的工具,包括用于HTML和CSS的编辑选项。 You can easily design your own website using premium or free themes through您可以通过以下高级或免费主题轻松设计自己的网站 Shopify,并且还有一个用于博客的内容管理系统。

您可以使用信用卡和PayPal访问付款,并接受全球货币,就像使用Drupal一样。 Shopify also gives you the functionality you need to better understand your customers through immersive analytics tools.还为您提供了通过沉浸式分析工具更好地了解客户所需的功能。 This ensure that you can thrive and grow as a bigger store.这样可以确保您能够蓬勃发展并发展成为更大的商店。

不同的线上电子游戏能从沟通技巧、 Shopify 您购买的软件包以及您愿意尝试的插件的功能 Shopify knows virtually no limits.几乎没有限制。 You can even connect an offline POS to your online store so that you can sell in reality when you're still making money online.您甚至可以将离线POS连接到在线商店,以便在仍然在线赚钱时就可以进行实际销售。 Features of特点 Shopify 包括:

  • 免费和专业的主题
  • 域名访问
  • 拖放网站建设
  • 包括SSL证书
  • 访问多种付款方式
  • 自动运输承运人费率
  • 被遗弃的购物车恢复
  • 自动计税
  • 客户帐号和资料
  • 配送工具
  • 博客和SEO优化
  • 营销和电子邮件模板
  • 社会整合
  • 折扣和礼品卡
  • 无限产品的库存管理
  • 产品点评

Shopify's team isn't afraid to experiment with new technology either.的团队也不惧怕尝试新技术。 Recently, the company introduced an Augmented Reality tool to help with product viewing.最近,该公司推出了增强现实工具,以帮助查看产品。 There are also tons of integrations and add-ons to make your还有大量的集成和附加组件,可以使您 Shopify 体验更好。


drupal功能-drupal vs shopify

喜欢 Shopify,Drupal是一种多功能的电子商务网站构建工具-尽管采用了不同的方法。 While而 Shopify is all about supporting beginners, Drupal gives complete flexibility to those who know how to work with code.关于支持初学者的一切,Drupal为那些知道如何使用代码的人提供了完全的灵活性。 This open-source project is beyond flexible, with access to custom-coded solutions for everything you need.这个开源项目具有极大的灵活性,可以访问您所需的所有内容的自定义编码解决方案。

Drupal比 Shopify 从可用性的角度来看,它还具有更大的增长空间。

Drupal的电子商务 is completely mobile-ready, with responsive functionality throughout so you can serve your customers wherever you are.完全适用于移动设备,并具有响应式功能,因此您可以随时随地为客户提供服务。 The custom code is easy to adapt and enhance, with tons of third-party integrations and extensions for social networks, accounting apps, fulfillment services, and more.自定义代码易于调整和增强,具有大量用于社交网络,会计应用程序,履行服务等的第三方集成和扩展。

Drupal开源软件已获得公共许可,这意味着它是免费使用和自定义的,无需每月订阅。 Additionally, the tool is completely scalable, with the capacity to project millions of requests each second.此外,该工具是完全可扩展的,具有每秒处理数百万个请求的能力。

Drupal是一种全球性工具,可用于在世界范围内销售具有国际货币,语言和税收需求的产品。 Plus, it's extremely secure, with many safety tests always delivering results from a worldwide community.另外,它是非常安全的,许多安全测试始终可以提供来自全球社区的结果。 Features include:功能包括:

  • 绝对定制友好
  • 支持国际销售
  • 整个移动友好
  • 免费下载和自定义
  • 易于扩展,包括集成
  • 包含管理系统
  • 购物车和结帐表格
  • 广大的社区与之联系
  • 使用HTML和CSS完全自由设计
  • 您的网站上没有硬编码要求
  • 不断创新的新工具和功能
  • 访问社交媒体集成
  • 社区推动的增长
  • 专为可扩展性打造


Drupal vs Shopify:设计和定制

那么,Drupal和 Shopify 比较使您的网站看起来和令人难以置信的时间? Shopify benefits from being one of the easier-to-use products on the market for store building.成为市场上用于商店建设的易于使用的产品之一,您将从中受益。 You can design a great website that ranks well on Google without having to know much about PHP, CSS, and HTML.您可以设计一个在Google上排名很高的优秀网站,而无需对PHP,CSS和HTML有所了解。

人们爱 Shopify for it's ease of use and versatility.因为它的易用性和多功能性。 There are tons of free and premium themes to choose from for your有大量的免费和高级主题供您选择 电子商务商店,如果您想了解有关如何使您的网站独特的更多信息,请参阅此处的大量指南。 You can even have someone create a special theme just for your website, though this can get a little expensive.您甚至可以让某人为您的网站创建一个特殊的主题,尽管这样做可能会有点贵。

Shopify is a great solution for businesses from all backgrounds, even if it's not technically a website builder as much as it is a dedicated service for ecommerce.对于各种背景的企业来说,它都是一个很好的解决方案,即使从技术上讲它不是网站构建者,但它是电子商务的专用服务。 If you're not looking for a way to sell products online, then you probably won't need something like如果您不寻求在线销售产品的方式,则可能不需要 Shopify.

如果您想在网上销售或建立自己的SaaS公司,那么 Shopify is a great choice.是一个不错的选择。 It's easy to use and convenient.易于使用和方便。

不幸的是,虽然两者 Shopify 和Drupal非常适合允许个人定制您的网站, Shopify is much easier than Drupal to use in this regard.在这方面比Drupal容易使用得多。 Drupal 8, or the latest version of Drupal when you start building your website, is all about open-source building.当您开始构建网站时,Drupal XNUMX或Drupal的最新版本都是关于开源构建的。 Shopify 轻松地允许设计背景有限的用户开始构建。

However, with Drupal, you'll need a basic understanding of coding.但是,使用Drupal,您需要对编码有基本的了解。 If you're new to this landscape, it can take a little while to apply the right features and make your website work exactly how you want it to.如果您不熟悉这种情况,则可能需要一些时间才能应用正确的功能,并使您的网站完全按照您的要求工作。 There's no drag-and-drop functionality here, and everything needs to be coded from scratch.这里没有拖放功能,所有内容都需要从头开始进行编码。 This requires a significant amount of extra effort on your part.这需要您付出大量的额外努力。

您不会像使用Drupal那样获得相同的模板来指导您完成使用Drupal构建令人惊叹的网站的过程 Shopify。 Drupal也不能选择使用预先存在的模板和主题。 Using Drupal to create your site will typically demand some help from a web designer or developer.使用Drupal创建网站通常需要Web设计师或开发人员的一些帮助。

Drupal vs Shopify: 客户支持

Even if your website builder is extremely easy to use, that doesn't mean that you won't have any issues that you need a little extra help with.即使您的网站构建器非常易于使用,也不意味着您不会遇到任何需要额外帮助的问题。 Having access to customer support that you can trust is crucial when you're trying to accomplish great things as an online store owner.当您尝试以在线商店所有者的身份完成伟大的事情时,获得可以信任的客户支持至关重要。

对于使用的人来说是个好消息 Drupal的,尽管它的使用难度比 Shopify,如果您需要的话,有很多支持。 You can search the website and look for information on the knowledgebase that will help answer your questions.您可以搜索网站,并在知识库中查找有助于回答问题的信息。 Alternatively, you can visit the Drupal forum and ask questions about everything from payment processing to popups and ecommerce module functionality.另外,您可以访问Drupal论坛,并询问有关从付款处理到弹出窗口和电子商务模块功能的所有问题。

There's Slack and IRC online chat available, Drupal answers on the Stack exchange, and Project issue queues where you can get specific help.提供了Slack和IRC在线聊天功能,有关Stack交换的Drupal答案以及可在其中获得特定帮助的Project问题队列。 If you're really in a tough spot with Drupal and you don't know what to do next, you can even find professionals who you can hire part-time to help you out.如果您真的在Drupal上处于困境,并且您不知道下一步该怎么做,您甚至可以找到可以聘请兼职来帮助您的专业人员。 Or why not read up about Drupal from one of the published books?还是为什么不从其中一本已出版的书中读到有关Drupal的内容?

Shopify is also pretty helpful when it comes to customer support to assist with your website and storefront.当涉及到客户支持以协助您的网站和店面时,它也很有帮助。 Depending on your needs, you can access根据您的需要,您可以访问 Twitter or Live Chat to get quick responses to your questions.或实时聊天,以快速回答您的问题。 There's also email and phone support, and help is available as part of every plan except from还有电子邮件和电话支持,每个计划中都提供帮助,但 Shopify 精简版

This high-tier level of support is great for people who are just getting started in building a successful website online.这种高层支持非常适合刚开始在线构建成功网站的人们。 However, anyone can benefit from a good quality of customer service.但是,任何人都可以从优质的客户服务中受益。

Drupal vs Shopify:应用程序和附加组件

之一的原因 Shopify is such a popular tool for ecommerce site building, is that it's extremely flexible.是非常流行的电子商务网站构建工具,它非常灵活。 This service comes with a massive marketplace full of apps and add-ons that you can implement to make your website more appealing.这项服务带有庞大的应用程序和附加组件市场,您可以实施这些应用程序和附加组件以使您的网站更具吸引力。

However, it's important to note that as an open-source service, Drupal is pretty flexible too.但是,必须注意,作为一种开源服务,Drupal也非常灵活。 In it's official directory, Drupal lists around 39,000 modules that you can add into your site, and more than 2 and a half thousand themes.在它的官方目录中,Drupal列出了大约XNUMX个您可以添加到您的网站中的模块,以及超过XNUMX个主题。

Shopify isn't quite as flexible as Drupal when it comes to add-ons because it's not open-source.在插件方面,它没有Drupal灵活,因为它不是开源的。 However, the difference between但是,两者之间的区别 Shopify 而Drupal则是,在 Shopify 网站,而不是为您的Drupal网站添加内容。

Shopify vs Drupal:哪个适合您?

There's no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to choosing the right ecommerce site builder.在选择合适的电子商务网站构建器时,没有一个万能的答案。 Everyone has their own preferences, expectations, and requirements.每个人都有自己的喜好,期望和要求。 Shopify 对于想要快速简便地开始在线销售的人们来说,它可能是首选。 Shopify 由于存在各种附加组件和扩展,因此易于使用,种类繁多,并且包装满了自定义选项。

Shopify also provides users with fantastic customer support when they need help with any issues they might have online.当用户需要解决在线问题时,还可以为用户提供出色的客户支持。 You can also get a relatively low price for all the features that you're accessing – particularly if you're willing to sign up with您还可以以较低的价格获得所有正在使用的功能-特别是如果您愿意使用 Shopify 延长时间。

Shopify is the perfect product for those who want to build a website that can scale with them.对于那些想要建立可以与他们一起扩展的网站的人来说,是理想的产品。 However, if you want absolute freedom to control every aspect of your site on the back-end – including what kind of hosting you use, you might prefer Drupal.但是,如果您希望绝对自由地在后端控制站点的各个方面(包括使用哪种托管类型),则可能更喜欢Drupal。

Drupal比使用难得多 Shopify from an objective perspective, but it comes with a lot of excellent features to enjoy.从客观的角度来看,但它具有许多出色的功能供您欣赏。 For instance, one of Drupal's biggest selling points is its amazing security, which ensures that you keep all of your data and information private.例如,Drupal的最大卖点之一就是其惊人的安全性,可确保您将所有数据和信息保密。 If you know your way around code, and you're not afraid of a learning curve, Drupal could be a great choice.如果您知道如何使用代码,并且不害怕学习困难,那么Drupal可能是一个不错的选择。


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