Top 7 Navigation Tweaks to Apply for Better Shop Conversions

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Minimizing browsing obstacles for visitors is what you are looking forward achieving for better conversion rates, more clicks often meaning that your users are moving forward in the conversion funnel and are closer to committing the purchase. An improved usability creates more motivated visitors thus we should not underestimate the importance of A/B testing in regard to usability techniques, which are important for improving and optimizing the conversion rate on our websites. Being able to find a product is the key to any ecommerce business, after all, customers that are not able to find a product, simply won’t be able to purchase it.

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Mobile Ecommerce: Website Design & Planning

Mobile ecommerce

Since continuous improvements of mobile phone and tablet technologies, the challenges facing the designer of an ecommerce website are ever-changing. While technological progress in this domain is popular with the consumer and constantly provides business-owners with new opportunities for reaching customers in ever more varied scenarios and locations, it most definitely creates some hassles for designers and developers. There are several basic principles that must be taken in consideration when designing for mobile, and in this article we will discuss and go through them.

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What Ecommerce Growth Means for Brick and Mortar Shops

online vs offline stores

A friend of mine owns a hardware store, and he has been at it for more than 20 years. The family has held the business for more than that since his father owned the hardware store in a different location for around 25 years.

Markets change and they have always had to adjust, but my friend has never seen shifts like he has seen in the past ten years. No one thought people would want to buy power tools or nails online, because it makes sense that customers would want to put their hands on these products before buying.

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