Security Essentials for Site Developers and Admins

Of all tech topics, security is possibly the most complex, and certainly the most important. This is because security is always evolving. It is a forced evolution, as we must adapt to constantly emerging threats.

There are various levels of security that we'll have responsibility for. The first level is ourselves or the organization we work for. The second level is our clients. And the third level is the users of the websites or applications we develop for our clients.

Despite our best efforts, clients will always find ways to undermine the protections we provide for them. They rely on us as IT professionals to help them stay safe, but paradoxically also rarely follow the safety advice we provide them with. Most users really are their own worst enemies.

What we need to do, then, is make it as difficult as possible for clients to compromise their own security, while also making it as easy as we can for them to do the tasks they need to do. Achieving both goals to perfection may be impossible, but in this article we'll cover some things you can do to cut down the risks of a security breach occurring.

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OptinMonster Black Friday / Cyber Monday – 35% OFF all plans

Admit it. It’s not surprising that 65% of businesses feel that traffic and lead generation is, by far, their biggest challenge when it comes to marketing. It’s not a walk in the park.

What makes it worse is the fact that even when you invest heavily in traffic generation, your visitors don’t automatically translate to leads. In essence, 96% of your site’s traffic is not ready to buy yet. That’s why we’ve grown fond of taking them through the corresponding lead generation systems.

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Tips for Simplifying Your Site Navigation

What happens on projects once the wrong path is started on is that we're usually reluctant to turn back even if we don't feel quite right about the direction we're heading in. The problem gathers momentum the more time or money that has been invested into following the wrong path.

It is essential to overcome that hesitation. If a poor navigation structure is going to introduce usability issues (such as the case in the example site for this article), we need to fix that wrong structure instead of continuing to develop the site.

If we don't, it will be more difficult to repair the damage later. When designing or redesigning navigation, we need to remember the needs of the user come first.

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DreamHost Hosting Reviews 2020 – Everything You Need to Know

Some refer to it as Dream Host, others simply write it as DreamHost. Whichever tickles your fancy, this is one of those names that might come up whenever you’re seeking an ideal host for your online store.

Now, when you check out its homepage, DreamHost might strike you as one of those cheaply-priced hosting providers that come with standard features. But after scrutinizing it further, it then hits you that the company is much more than that.

DreamHost, in a nutshell, is a jack of all trades. Apart from shared hosting, it specializes in VPS hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated hosting, as well as managed WordPress hosting.

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Square vs PayPal (March 2020): Clash of the Payment Processing Titans

Whether you’re searching for an offline card reader, a way to take credit card payments online, or a POS app, you’ve probably come across both PayPal and Square in the past.

Both Square and PayPal are incredibly popular tools for merchants and business owners. They offer an easy way to start making money through your online or offline store, whether you’re taking digital payments, or credit cards. PayPal is pretty much a household name among consumers and businesses today. There’s a good chance that many of your favorite stores even offer customers the option to pay for their products using a PayPal account.

On the other hand, while Square doesn’t have exactly the same status that PayPal does, it does benefit from a large and growing consumer base. Square has a very extensive set of features, including some credit card processing systems and readers that are a lot more impressive than PayPal’s.

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SendPulse Review: A Dynamic Platform that Goes Beyond Email Marketing

Before we even start reviewing the SendPulse features, let’s first state the obvious. That digital marketing tools have been proven effective over and over again, especially when you holistically leverage several of them across multiple channels.

Finding a perfect balance, however, can be a huge problem to business owners. The world of marketing solutions happens to be quite overwhelming when it comes to choosing an ideal set of tools. Figuring out which tool is optimized for your type of audience, and how they integrate with each other can be very confusing.

Sometimes even downright scary because you can’t afford to make a mistake.

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Looking for a Chatbot? Check Out This Octane AI Review

Unless you've been living under a boulder with no wi-fi and human contact for the last few years, you can't fail to notice the rise in chatbot popularity. So if you're running your own online store, you'll want to jump on the bandwagon. This is where Octane AI comes into its own.

Continue reading to learn more about this solution and see whether Octane AI's the right fit for your business.

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