HubSpot Marketing Hub Review (Sep 2020) – The Ultimate Guide

Welcome to the only HubSpot Marketing Hub review you're going to need this year.

Marketing isn't easy.

It’s a game where the rules are continually changing, driven by evolution in customer demand and expectation, as well as new technology and innovations. Great marketers need more than just skill to get by these days; they need the right tools to help them stay ahead of the competition.

Fortunately, solutions like the HubSpot Marketing Hub are here to help.

This all-in-one software claims to give businesses everything they need to launch truly compelling marketing campaigns that drive brand awareness and conversions.

The question is, could this tool be right for your company?

Let's find out.

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5 Ways To Sell More While Doing Less in 2017

In 2017, less will be more. But maybe not in the way that you imagine.

We tend to always think in terms of “more,” which means that if we want to grow our business and generate “more” sales, we need to do be doing much more work.

In many cases though, this mindset leads to clutter and inefficiency. Along with this, it’s also important to be reminded of our constraints and accept that it’s likely impossible to greatly increase your marketing budget for 2017 unless you take on debt or raised external finance.

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Picreel Review: Simple Exit Intent Offers That Don’t Burn You Out

picreel review for popups

Popups and promotional banners are only useful if they're targeted to the customer seeing them.

Think about it: If I land on an ecommerce store and they reveal an exit-intent popup banner for 20% off all ladies merchandise (I'm a guy,) I'm going to close the screen immediately.

It also depends on where the customer is located in the shopping process. For instance, maybe a user is thinking about throwing another item in their cart but they're not quite sure. In that case, you don't want to redirect them to a promotion for another product, but rather keep selling the item they were almost about to buy.

Not all exit offer plugins and apps allow for this type of flexibility, but Picreel seems to do a good job seeing what customers are doing on your site and only sending them the promotions and offers that make sense. So here's an in-depth Picreel review if you'd like to learn more about the most advanced exit intent technology for ecommerce websites.

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SiteGround vs Bluehost (2020) – Which One is Better?

That, I’ve got to admit, is seemingly one of the most common questions when it comes to reviewing hosting providers. We’ve received several emails on this issue, and it remains to be a particularly prominent discussion in our comments section. Now, we can agree that both SiteGround and Bluehost are very popular hosting providers, and understandably so. They have built their reputations as two of the most reliable solutions, because they offer top-of-the-range resources at reasonable pricing.

Then get this. Even WordPress itself recognizes SiteGround and Bluehost as powerful providers, and it features both of them in its very exclusive list of recommended WordPress hosting services. Well, come to think of it, that’s almost equivalent to featuring in the hosting providers’ hall of fame.

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WePay Review for 2020: Is This the Right Option for Merchants?

These days, the digital world, combined with mobile point of sale systems, easy eCommerce management options and a range of other tools means that it's easier than ever to launch your own business online. Unfortunately, that doesn't necessarily mean that merchants don't have challenges to face. If you want to get the payments you need each month from your consumers, then you're going to need the right payment processing system.

WePay is one of the better-known options on the market today. Launched as an alternative to the standard options like Stripe and PayPal in 2008, WePay was designed to give merchants something different. The primary focus of the company is providing today's online eCommerce sellers with a way to collect payments from donors and customers alike.

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Best Print on Demand Shopify Apps for 2020

Are you thinking about starting your own clothing line? Or perhaps you want to sell your own line of accessories? Either way, you've come to the right place because in this article, we’ll explore the best print on demand Shopify apps. We’ll also also explain what print on demand is as a business model, go over the benefits of using print on demand companies, and help you decide which print on demand app is the best choice for your business.

Sound good? Great! Let's dive straight in!

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Creating a Custom Brand and Logo for Your Small Business with Tailor Brands

Ever wondered why Gucci is so darn expensive?

Yes, I know stuff about quality and all, but let’s be honest here. You can find almost the same quality for a fraction of Gucci’s price.

So, what’s the fuss about Gucci?

I’m no fashion expert, but I know one thing for sure. It’s mostly about the brand. Sorry to say, but consumers have this cult-like following of some brands.

A lot of it has to do with a brand’s consistency when it comes to quality. Maintaining great quality throughout is a great way to drive customer loyalty. But, all in all, the journey begins with the branding process.

And how do you create a brand with the potential of growing as big as Gucci? Any specific software out there that can save you the trouble of hiring designers?

Fortunately yes. And that’s precisely what this post covers.

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Your Guide to GetResponse Pricing for 2020 – Which Plan is Best for You?

The money is in the list, or so they say. But how much do you need to invest into nurturing that list if you want to see significant results?

GetResponse is an email marketing tool that helps you to manage your connections with crucial leads through carefully segmented campaigns and attractive messages. With GetResponse, you can create immersive newsletters that inspire the people on your mailing list and improve your chances of conversions.

There are even options to view and analyze the statistics you collect along the way, helping you to determine which of your autoresponders are the most effective.

As GetResponse continues to invest in more features and functionality for its toolset, it's quickly emerging as more of an all-in-one marketing tool for today's growing brands. In addition to email marketing, businesses can now use GetResponse for hosting webinars, building landing pages, and even managing customer relationships with CRM functionality.

So, how much do you need to pay for a software solution like GetResponse?

That's what we're here to find out.

Read on to learn all about your pricing options with GetResponse, and discover which package is best suited to your needs.

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