ConvertKit Review: Email Marketing Automation For Bloggers

This ConvertKit review covers all the important features, its overall pricing, plus its suitability as an email marketing automation tool.

As a regular blogger, I’ve also seen the results first-hand. Even when you’re not particularly selling anything, email marketing will get you those content shares you target. As a matter of fact, email subscribers are three times more likely to share your pieces on social media than other types of readers.

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How to rescue a logo that has been saved as a bitmap

Every designer at some point will encounter the client who brings in a blurry, pixelated JPEG copy of their logo (the only copy they have) and requests for changes to the logo.

Redesigning the logo entirely from scratch is one option, but it can be hard work, as you'll have to figure out exactly how the original designer achieved the result. This isn't always so difficult with simple logos, but it's definitely an issue with logos that have non-standard fonts or very complex artifacts.

As a designer, you know that clients should always have a vector copy of their logo with transparency in the background, but clients don't know that. They also don't always know how terrible it looks when a logo is recycled for different purposes using anything other than the vector copy.

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Drip eCommerce CRM Review: Better CX Management (August 2019)

Thinking of using a tool like Drip eCommerce CRM?

The world of eCommerce is very competitive. By 2021, it should be worth about 4.8 trillion dollars.

Getting ahead in an environment as cluttered as that one means knowing how to speak to your audience, and drive loyalty for your brand.

If you want to stand out today, you need more than just an awesome website. You also need to learn what your customers need, and how you can deliver the experiences that they're willing to pay for. An eCommerce CRM tool like Drip helps you to do just that.

As an eCommerce customer relationship manager service (ECRM), Drip lets you see exactly how your audience interacts with your brand. You can track everything from which emails they're clicking through, to what pages they're visiting.

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Exclusive Freebie: World Cup football templates by BrandPacks

Score a hat trick with this trio of free World Cup football/soccer templates designed by BrandPacks. This collection features a free soccer flyer template, a rack card template (in two styles) and a poster template (in two styles). Each template boasts a sporty theme with vibrant colors and exciting photography, perfect for promoting football and soccer tournaments and related events!

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The Art of Building Better Websites

Creating websites has become almost a commonplace skill these days, and there's such an overabundance of sites out there competing against yours that anything you can do to stand out from the crowd is going to be a huge help.

What can we do to get our sites noticed, admired, and paid attention to? It requires a certain adjustment of the way we think about site design. In this short article, we'll take a look at some of the key things that are necessary to creating better websites.

Content must take priority

As designers we're always going to be really keen to create amazing designs. Of course this doesn't apply to those who merely call themselves designers, because they do not allow their very souls to weep onto the page, enshrining a moment of inspiration eternally in electronic glory.

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