Gifts for Creatives During the Holiday Season and Beyond

Do you have a creative in your life? We're talking about the artsy types who would rather spend time curled up reading a book in front of the fire. Those friends and family who put deep thought into the gifts they give and would rather not another plain shirt from the department store.

The good news is that creatives are often not that picky, since they can always get inventive with the gifts they receive. However, there's something great about finding that quirky or useful gift for their profession or everyday life, whether it be a shape-shifting chair that adds some character to their home or a set of musical wine glasses where the notes are set by the amount of liquid.

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A Mindful Man

Behind every successful project, there is at least one human being with powerful attributes. The attributes vary. It can be determination, vision, energy, patience…. Or it can be mindfulness – hard to miss it in those who managed to take the practice of meditation to a level where it starts leaving traces. The good kind. And that’s Andy Puddicombe’s mojo: an aura of serenity that surrounds him. His presence relaxes even the most tense interlocutor, and a smile is constantly blooming on his face. A former ordained Buddhist monk who wrote books on meditation and mindfulness, loves surfing, and snowboarding, Andy is also the co-founder and the more visible part of Headspace – the online project designed to demystify meditation.

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Friendbuy Review: The Ultimate Customer Referral Software?

Did you know? People are FOUR times more likely to buy when referred by a friend. With a little strategy, you can encourage your customers to spread the word. Keep reading this Friendbuy review to understand how it can boost your referral marketing efforts.

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Dealing with Tricky Clients

One of the sad little truths about the web development game is that good clients are extremely rare. Some clients have this amazing ability to transform from Jekyll to Hyde without pausing for breath, and the rest of them—pretty much the majority—are simply just jerks. Incidentally, for any of my clients who are reading this, you're one of the good ones, of course.

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A bag less ordinary

You know that dream where you end up in a cartoon? Something along the lines of “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”, but much better? The thing is that afterwards you don’t remember the ‘stars’, or the confusing storyline, you only remember the colours. They are bright, and it seems like somebody is constantly refreshing them, as they never fade. And you don’t want to wake up because your room has goose egg green walls and beige carpet.

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10 Essential Tools Every Blogger Should Have in their Arsenal

Starting and running a successful blog involves extensive research and reading. The process is harder for beginners, especially those who do not know what to blog about. Even if you are already a running blog, you will come across new ideas to improve it. Continuous learning is necessary to maintain and improve your rank. How do you organize all this information? You will forget everything you read if you do not use the right tools to record and organize the information. You also need tools to manage the content or posts on your blog and responses from your readers. Here are some of the tools you should have in your arsenal:

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