What You Need to Know for an Ecommerce Website Redesign in 2022

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Is this the year youโ€™re going to redesign your ecommerce website? If itโ€™s been a few years since you have, then you need to know that a lot has changed.

It almost goes without saying that a modern ecommerce site has to be designed for mobile first, as most that I work with now get 70% or more of their traffic from mobile devices. However thatโ€™s just a starting pointโ€”there are a lot of subtleties to consider if you want to your site to convert users into customers.

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20 Awesome Logo Designs from the Cryptocurrency Industry


The cryptocurrency world is still a young one, but hoards of developers and investors are getting involved to make the push for better digital currency. With such a huge movement comes new design theories. Since there are so many websites focused on cryptocurrency, we wanted to explore some logo design inspiration from these sites. Enjoy!

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Website Design Inspiration from the World of Cryptocurrency


Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency that everyone knows about, but there is far more to understand and learn about if you plan on getting into the cryptocurrency world. Some argue that you'd be a fool to put any money into cryptocurrency, but others argue the exact opposite. Regardless of your views on the topic, all sorts of websites are popping up about it–from blogs to exchanges, and wallets to eCommerce stores for hardware.

So, we're going to outline some of our favorite web design inspiration from the world of cryptocurrency. Many of them have modern designs, but you'll notice a merging of typical tech and finance-based designs.

1. Unblock.net

2. Earn

3. Cryptominded

4. Blockstack

5. CoinFalcon

6. Revolut

7. TokenDaily

8. Crypto Weekly

9. Crypto Trappin

10. CoinsHub

11. Cryptagon

12. Peerkey

13. SwipeStox

14. Coin Tax Guide

15. CobinHood

16. CoinDemo

17. TradingView

18. Guardian Circle

19. Ledger Wallet

There you have it! If you have any questions about this website design inspiration from the crypto world, let us know in the comments.

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Getting Value From Online Graphic Design Courses


As with anything else you do in life, even if you're already extraordinarily rich, you should seek value when doing graphic design courses. When you spend money on something that is inferior and bad value, you are simply encouraging substandard providers to continue ripping people off, wasting your money, and most likely wasting your time as well.

In this article, we'll take a look at the different options available to help you achieve your desired outcome in the least time with the lowest cost. Those criteria are important, because the value determination is decided by the following formula:

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Avoidable Design Flaws That Can Hurt Your Site


The web was supposed to get better, that was the promise. And you'd think it would have, with all the increased awareness of accessibility and usability considerations. But strangely enough, we're more than 25 years in, and things are actually getting worse in general. How could this be so?

It can't be blamed on education. Every course in Internet Design and Development worth its salt covers the fundamentals of good design principles, usability, and accessibility. It can't be blamed on the engineering standards, because the W3C guidelines are stricter and more clearly defined than ever before. Nor can it be blamed on technology, because the technology is more supportive of developing high quality sites, not less.

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How to Stay Relevant as a Graphic Designer Today


The two largest and fastest growing markets for graphic designers during the past 20 years have been website design and logo design. Things have changed, and these once highly lucrative markets are no longer the free-flowing fountains of cash they once were. How did this happen? Where does it leave you now? And what can you do about it? These are some of the questions we'll try to answer in this article.

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