Freelancing Options for Ecommerce Development and Design


Finding a place to hire an ecommerce designer or developer is a little trickier than it might initially seem. You have the option to go with job boards, expert communities or cheap labor sites.

I'm not about to directly recommend places like Upwork and Although I've had a few logos designed by people on Fiverr, we're talking about constructing and managing your ecommerce website. These are some of the more complex forms of websites out there, so it's not recommended considering you can find somewhat affordable designers and developers who are known to do a great job.

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Free Online Graphic Design Tools


The days of paying for graphic design software – even really good software – may be coming to an end. For years we've already had many great open source and freeware tools available for installing on our computers, but now with web applications becoming more common, even the need for installation is becoming obsolete. This makes applications more device independent. So much for the positives. The negative side of it is that it means to use these online tools, you need a working and reliable internet connection during the whole work session.

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Best Practices for Selling Logo Designs Like Hotcakes

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Almost every brand has some form of a logo. In fact, for 75% of consumers, it's the most recognizable aspect of a brand's identity. 

So it's no wonder that even some small businesses pay upwards of $500 for their logo. For more prominent brands, this figure is even more lucrative. For example, Business Insider reports BP spent over 200 million on its logo redesign in 2008. 

The bottom line: selling logos can be a profitable business for new logo designers and seasoned pros alike.

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How Does Free Graphic Design Software Stack Up?


Graphic design is an easy kind of business to manage, but a difficult one to get started in. Until you have built up a decent number of regular clients, you may find you must watch every penny closely. If you are in this situation, the prices of popular graphic design software will be quite a shock.

One of the true luxuries of running your own graphic design studio, however, is that you're not locked in to using any particular software as you would probably be if you were an employee of somebody else. That means you're at liberty to use whatever helps you get the job done efficiently.

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SIDE Commerce Combines Brilliantly Designed Sites With Community Driven, Native Features

Ecommerce Reviews

Is your online business scaling up?

Are you ready to take it to the big time and truly embrace an ecommerce platform that caters to all of your individual business needs?

Enter SIDE Commerce: A brilliant platform made for the juggernaut online stores of the world (or those that wish to eventually get to that point.)

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Jimdo Review: A Site Designer For Smaller Companies Without Development Experience

Website Builder Reviews

If you haven't heard of Jimdo, you might want to give it a look- because although it's not exactly the most popular website builder on the market, the pricing is pretty tempting for the number of features you receive.

Fortunately, there’s even a free pricing plan for users who just want to create a simple personal blogging site. It’s also ideal for people who wouldn’t necessarily be willing to fork over payment information to try out the features.

Online store capabilities are offered as well, but the true standouts are the templates. Jimdo gives you some rather unique themes to select from- which says quite a lot for such a reasonably priced website builder.

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How to be Mindful with Ecommerce, Web Design, Development and Marketing


This is a guest post by Kaira Jewel Lingo, a mindfulness teacher and spiritual mentor I've met last year at a wonderful retreat in Devon, UK. However, I have been using her guided meditations for many years in order to get some calm and ease in the middle of a busy day, or at the end of it. So it's a great pleasure to invite Kaira Jewel to teach us how to slow down and enjoy life around our screens:

Many of us spend much of our day on the Internet, focused on things like web development, UX, UI, marketing, or learning about the ever-fascinating world of ecommerce. Already surfing the Internet in our downtime for pleasure, shopping, or to read up on news can be quite addictive, all the more so when we must be online all day for our jobs and our income depends on rapid responses and quick decisions to market trends. It's so easy to get sucked down the rabbit hole and lose ourselves.

There are practices we can learn to help us to regain perspective, maintain our balance, joy, relaxation and ease and engage mindfully with technology. It's not easy, but it's extremely worthwhile.

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