Pyxo Review: Everything You Need to Know

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In this Pyxo review, weโ€™re introducing you to one of the many exciting new startups to emerge from France in recent years. This company believes in cutting the amount of single-use plastic food packaging we consume on a regular basis, to protect the earth, and cut down on waste.

To help companies join in the crusade for a healthier planet, Pyxo offers a service designed to make reusable food storage containers as easy-to-use and cost-efficient as possible. While this startup has begun to generate a decent amount of attention for eco-friendly companies, itโ€™s still relatively unknown.

Today, weโ€™re going to show you exactly how Pyxo works, and how you can use the service to become a more sustainable company in 2022 and beyond.

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How to Create an Online Store for Free in 2022

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Do you always have to pay to build an online store? Most information online, and conventional wisdom, says yes: an ecommerce shop is a complicated piece of software with many moving pieces; it's also often essential to use high-powered, sometimes pricey hosting in order to support a scaling store and seasonal bursts in traffic. But what if all you need is something simple, like a few Buy buttons on your current blog which lead to a shopping cart? We're here to say that it's not required to pay any money when constructing an ecommerce store, especially for simple product galleries and quick online store elements like a checkout module. In this article, we'll explain how to create an online store for free and talk about the platforms that help you do just that.

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Shopify vs Sellfy (May 2022): The Complete Guide

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Making the decision of Shopify vs Sellfy can be a challenge at first. Both tools are designed to help you get selling online. Shopify and Sellfy are also well-known for being easy-to-use, convenient, and packed with tools for customization.

However, there are always some differences between ecommerce website building tools worth considering. As you make your decision on the service that youโ€™re going to use to launch your business, itโ€™s worth doing a deep-dive into both tools.

Shopify is probably the best-known ecommerce platform in the world, allowing business owners to design highly customized stores with ease โ€“ and minimal web development skills. Shopify also has access to a host of apps and integrations to make your life easier.

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Sezzle vs Affirm (May 2022): Which BNPL App is Best?

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During the pandemic, โ€œbuy now, pay laterโ€ apps (BNPL) skyrocketed in popularity. In fact, as many as 60% have used such a service, with some consumers using ‘buy now, pay later' options more than once a week. 

So what is this new trend? 

As its name implies, BNPL apps enable consumers to purchase a product and then pay for it in installments (usually across a few weeks or months). In other words, consumers take on short-term debt to satisfy their immediate buying wishes/needs. 

This payment model has been popular with furniture stores and the automotive industry for some time. This is an excellent example of where purchases needed in the day-to-day world are too high a financial burden to pay outright. However, with BNPL options, split payments are becoming increasingly mainstream. 

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Shopify Strikes a Deal with Chinese Ecommerce Giant to Unlock the Trillion-Dollar Market


Following an announcement on 18 January, has officially become Shopify‘s first Chinese strategic partner. In this collaboration, JD has offered a particular boarding channel, JD Marketplace, simplifying entry to the Chinese market for Shopify merchants. In return, Shopify will support Chinese JD sellers in expanding overseas and meeting international needs. By joining forces, these two companies have created a new ecommerce channel, opening up the world's biggest market for millions of merchants.

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What is Shopify Balance? Pros and Cons, Features, and How to Set It Up

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It's always nice to get paid faster, and to have a business cashback rewards card for spending, and to pay bills, manage ecommerce expenses, and manage a business account from one place. All of that's included with Shopify Balance, a new financial product from Shopify that caters to independent businesses with financial services, a Shopify Balance card, and multiple tools to manage cash flow. So, what is Shopify Balance?

That's what we'll answer in this in-depth article, with highlights about the overall functioning of Shopify Balance, how to set up an account, and the top features.

Keep reading to answer the question, what is Shopify Balance?

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Best Website Builder for Artists in 2022

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If you want to showcase your art online, the best website builder for artists is the best way to get started. A good site builder for artists gives you an attractive and effective tool for demonstrating what you can do to potential clients.

Wix, one of the most flexible website builders in the world, is ideal for artists and specialist creators alike. With Wix, professionals can access a variety of templates to bring their site to life, and even use the AI builder as a tool for helping them design a solution ideal for art creators.

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The Best Help Desk Software for 2022

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The best help desk software provides businesses with an easy way to track complaints, requests, and other interactions with customers. Via your help desk, you can ensure youโ€™re providing your clients with the kind of straightforward and convenient experience theyโ€™re looking for.

A leading help desk solution will feature a number of components, including a unified inbox for following conversations, automated workflows, and even alerts. Helpdesk solutions can even integrate with other tools youโ€™re using, like CRM solutions, so you can develop a better understanding of your customer and their buyer journey.

Letโ€™s take a closer look at some of the top-rated help desk options available today.

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