The Ultimate Guide to Choosing LemonStand Plans and Seeing How Much You Have to Pay

LemonStand is marketed as the ecommerce platform built for growth, and it certainly lives up to that pitch, since most of its customers are companies that have a strong focus on expanding quickly and bringing in legitimate cash flow.

That said, it’s not always easy to tell whether or not your company falls into this customer base, so I wanted to give you an in-depth outline of the LemonStand pricing plans, showing you exactly who each plan is for. That said, keep reading to learn more.

Comparing LemonStand Pricing Plans

Comparing LemondStand pricing plans got a lot easier since the company announced its “all inclusive” pricing policy. This means that all core features are available in every pricing plan.

LemonStand Starter Plan

That means, for $19/month, you’re getting unlimited products and bandwidth, which is rare for a starter plan,  unlimited staff menbers, customizable checkout on your own domain name, real-time shipping carrier rate calculations, unlimited staff user accounts, up-sells and cross-sells, full design and code customization for developers, and most important no transaction fees. The only limitation is in the number of order you can take monthly, in this case 75 orders/month and the support priority.

The zero transaction fees make it easier for all companies, even though you still have to worry about credit card processing fees. Advanced SEO and fully customizable designs allow for you to brand your site the way you want. Not to mention, the custom SSL certificate ensures that all transactions are secure, putting your customers at ease.

Price: $19 per month

Who is This Plan Best For?

Since the LemonStand Startup Plan only allows 75 orders per moth, this plan is best for small companies that are just starting out. I also recommend that you only go with LemonStand if you have a legitimate business, since the platform is really for companies who have consistent cashflow and now want the tools to scale up a bit. An inventor who wants to test the market for one product may not fare well with LemonStand.

LemonStand Growth Plan

The LemonStand Professional Plan scales up to 300 orders per month, with all features included. You still get standard email support

Goggle Analytics report example


Price: $69 per month

Who is This Plan Best For?

If your company  is taking that next step, out of the “small-business” phase, then switching to this plan is the best idea.

You may need more advance analytics or require a second person to come on board to help with the website. Regardless, the Growth Plan has what you need.

LemonStand Professional Plan

The LemonStand Professional Plan provides everything you would get in LemonStand Growth, except it also has priority email support (12 hours response time) and you will be able to take up to 1000 orders per month.

LemonStand services

Price: $199 per month

Who is This Plan Best For?

The pricing is rather reasonable for this level, considering it’s primarily for medium to companies that are growing rapidly and need all the support they can get.

If you offer subscriptions, or wholesale items, you also need the Professional Plan to keep your business running smoothly.

LemonStand Premium Plan

The LemonStand Enterprise Plan is for when you want to design a completely custom site. You may require some unique features or you just want additional assistance from the experts at LemonStand.

Modern ecommerce store

It’s clear that you would get just about everything offered in the other plans, but you must contact the company in order to clarify your special needs.

Price: $399 per month, but you must contact the company for more information.

Who is This Plan Best For?

This is best for any company that has unique eCommerce functionality, or unusual customer or product fields. I would assume it’s mainly for large companies who go deep into customer segmentation or for a company that is a market leader with a product that has not been seen before.

How Much are You Going to Spend on Domains, Hosting and Setup With LemonStand?

One thing to consider when going with LemonStand is that they provide a Launch Package for companies that currently have websites and want to turn their old, crummy looking sites into something more modern and useful. This goes for a flat rate of $1,500, and it comes with a 30 minute design consultation, mockup creation, product import and setup, shipping configurations and more.

LemonStand does not sell domains through their service, so you basically create your site on a temporary domain, transfer a real domain you bought from another company and go from there. Check out the details for transferring a domain here. LemonStand recommends NameCheap, which sells domains for about $10 per year.

Enterprise grade hosting is provided for no extra cost when you sign up for one of the LemonStand plans we outlined above. The hosting is secure, with SSL encryption on all pages, and it requires no setup on your end.

What About LemonStand Apps and Themes?

LemonStand themes are generally for the companies that don’t require any custom design work from the experts at LemonStand. If you pay for one of the plans, you get to choose from various quality themes for free. You can, however, decide to go for a paid theme, which ranges from $30 to $90.

Apps and modules, on the other hand, mostly require a payment. You can expect to pay a one-time fee of $30 to $300. These range from email marketing tools to credit card processing modules.

That’s it! Let us know in the comments section if you have any questions about which plan to choose for LemonStand.

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