10 Top Resources for Ecommerce Customer Acquisition and Retention

Increasing Customer Retention Rates

There’s a much talked about Harvard Business School report these days that states plainly that increasing customer retention rates by 5% increases profits by 25%-95%. Now, something tells me that everyone wants to create a business that manages to grow a dedicated following. That’s why today I put together a collection of ecommerce customer acquisition resources that you might find useful. You can add this collection of ecommerce podcasts too. More steps in the right direction, so to say.

1. Using the Customer Service Tone: Interesting read on delighting your users. It basically says that great support can work miracles.

2. And here’s another read underlining the same thing: SUPPORT. Empowering Employees (Without Losing Your Shirt) talks about the importance of writing memorable guidelines and training your staff, as great customer services are irreplaceable. I’m not saying it, it’s the guys over at Harvard Business Review.

3. For those who are still not sure, Customer Support Is More Than Saying “I'm Sorry”. This articles by Mig Reyes (designer at Basecamp) talks about the importance of support teams in any business. It also does a great job at explaining the art of teaching the support team to… “support” their own work.

4. Nobody’s trying to scare anybody, but there are some shocking truths out there. I’ll let you discover for yourself this one about loyalty: The Shocking Truth About Brand Loyalty (Why Values > ‘Engagement')

5. OK, from shocking we move on to… “evil methods”. No worries, it's not as bad as it sounds. It just helps you improves that customer retention we keep fretting about: My Evil Method to Improve Customer Retention

6. Kissmetrics came up with 10 Tactics For Increasing Your Customer Lifetime Value and Loyalty. It's part of that need to increase brand loyalty with your customers.

7. Here you have 15 Customer Retention Strategies that Work. But before looking at strategies for growing a sustainable business, first you'll have to go through some important and useful data.

8. How to Write a Customer Survey? Well, there's no secret. If you want to find out what people think of your business and where they think you need to improve, just ask them. And then the authors of the article start digging deeper into piles of tools for surveys and the like. Useful stuff!

9. Teaching with Video it's about conveying information clearly to customers with the help of a rather flexible and exciting medium. Creating video content that's shareable and engaging it's a great skill indeed. Read on.

10. SaaS Metrics – A Guide to Measuring and Improving What Matters is an article that drills down layer by layer to expose the key metrics that will help drive success. Plus a closer look at what is actionable.


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