The Ultimate 1ShoppingCart Ecommerce Review 2016

Whether you're planning to create an online store or to migrate an existing one from the current platform, selection of the right ecommerce platform is a decision that should not be taken lightly, as it would be a frustrating, time-wasting and expensive experience to find out at a later date that your choice is not a suitable one.

1ShoppingCart is a well-known and popular, hosted ecommerce platform, worthy of your consideration. Here is my review of this platform:


Basic online store functionality provided by all three packages is fairly powerful and easy to use.

Inventory management – the Plus plan restricts the number of products you can add to your store to 500 (a decent number for most small businesses) while the Premium and Ultimate plans allow you to have unlimited number of products.

Calculation of shipping charges – since the store will sell online, all purchases will need to be shipped so calculation of shipping charges is a very basic feature for an ecommerce platform and all 1ShoppingCart plans provide this.

Provision for discount options – all plans provide options to offer and calculate multiple discounts, coupons etc.

Payment gateway options1ShoppingCart scores quite well here, with support for over 50 payment gateways, including PayPal. This is a fairly respectable number, in league with the likes of Shopify (70+ gateways) and BigCommerce (60+), while being significantly ahead of Volusion (another well-known platform, with 30+ gateways).

1ShoppingCart templates

Themes and Templates – the Plus plan allows you to use standard templates while the Premium and Ultimate plans both come with premium templates. All plans allow you to create mobile-friendly stores, so you won't need to do anything extra to ensure that your ecommerce store works well on mobile devices too.

SEO capabilities – 1ShoppingCart provides all the basic SEO features as a standard across all plans. While it does not cover 1ShoppingCart in the list of platforms reviewed, your can use the following article as a benchmark to evaluate 1SC's SEO capabilities for yourself: How to select the best ecommerce platform for SEO.

1ShoppingCart product page

Customization capabilities – all plans allow you to customize the look and feel of your store in two different ways – an easy interface using which you can edit your store design in a WYSIWYG (what you see it what you get) manner, and an advanced interface with which you can customize the store via HTML/CSS and JavaScript.

Other Notable Features

There are three other features provided by 1ShoppingCart which are highly noteworthy:

Extensive Email Marketing Options –  While most ecommerce platforms provide at least some level of email marketing features, those offered by 1ShoppingCart are extensive enough to make it stand out from the crowd.

Easy Recurring Billing – this rare-to-find ecommerce platform feature makes 1ShoppingCart an ideal choice for stores selling subscription-based products and/or services.

Powerful Affiliate Marketing Tools – in all probability, 1ShoppingCart is the only ecommerce platform that allows you to create, operate and run an affiliate program for your online store using which, you can allow people to join up as sales affiliates for your store/products and pay them commissions based on each sale they refer to your store.

Ease of use

As previously mentioned, it is fairly easy to setup and operate an ecommerce store using 1ShoppingCart system.


Setup fees1ShoppingCart does not charge any setup fees. In fact, they offer a 1-month free trial with which you can take their ecommerce hosting platform for a test drive.

1ShoppingCart price

Monthly fees – 1ShoppingCart offers three different plans with monthly fees ranging from $29 to $249 as follows:

  • Plus Plan          : $ 29/mo.
  • Premium Plan  : $119/mo.
  • Ultimate Plan   : $249/mo.

Start a free 1ShoppingCart trial by clicking here.

Bandwidth charges – 1ShoppingCart does not charge any bandwidth usage fees on any of their plans.

Transaction fees – the three 1ShoppingCart plans have a tiered transaction fees structure, ranging from 1.25% to 0.75% as follows:

  • Plus Plan          : 1.25%
  • Premium Plan  : 1%
  • Ultimate Plan   : 0.75%


All in all, 1ShoppingCart is a pretty standard, slightly better-than-average ecommerce hosting platform. While their entry-level plan at $29/mo. is almost double the price offered by several other well-known competitors, if any of their features mentioned in the Other Notable Features section above are of use to you, 1ShoppingCart is almost a compelling choice for you.

To get started with a free trial of 1ShoppingCart, click here.


Catalin Zorzini

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