Helloify Review [Live Chat Customer Support App]

Helloify Review

Since you're reading this, it is quite likely that you are either a current or a soon-to-be owner or manager/marketer of an ecommerce store. No matter where you're coming from, as anyone with any professional interest in online selling would know already, offering customer support via live chat is not only an essential feature but also a highly beneficial one today.

In light of this, it would certainly be a great idea to offer this service on your estore in order to facilitate pre and post-sale support activities and also to increase sales and revenues.

There are many ready apps/services that allow you to integrate chat support on your web site. Helloify – currently in public beta – happens to be one new entrant in this market that I have reviewed below. Before we delve into the actual review, I'm going to share one more quick tip that can help you with your ecommerce operation too.

Just as live chat can help increase sales, there is another, relatively new and lesser-known method that can do the same. You can read up on this at my article describing exit intent technology.

My full review of Hellofy follows:
(While reading the review, do bear in mind the fact that this app is still in public beta, so you'll find it lacking in many features routinely provided by full-blown competitors.)


Basic Features – as a beta application, Helloify does a passable job in terms of providing basic features essential for a live chat business app

Helloify interface

Chat Window Design Customization – basic design customization options such as chat   window size setting, font selection, font and background colour selection etc. are available on the app

Targeted Chat – this useful business chat app feature is not currently available with the app – they might introduce it at or after full launch but for now, this feature is not available

Chat Ratings – a feature to allow visitors/customers to rate their chat experience once a chat session has ended. This feature is not available with the application

Off-line Messaging – one of the few essential business chat app features that is supported by the app

CRM Integration – as can be expected, this highly useful – and almost indispensable – live chat app feature is not currently provided by Helloify

Co-Browsing – another highly useful and beneficial feature for a business chat app that is not supported

Ecommerce Platform Integration – another must-have feature for a business chat support app that, not surprisingly, is currently not supported by Helloify

Analytics – in keeping with most other features noted above, this one too is not available with the app, so you will be left in the position of ‘shooting in the dark' in terms of tracking and measuring the performance of your chat support operations if you deploy this app for that purpose

Helloify live chat

Mobile Apps – this is one area where Helloify does well, with the availability of apps for both the major mobile platforms – iPhone as well as Android.

Developer API – currently not provided by the app


Three paid plans are offered, as listed below:

Helloify Live Chat Software

  • Small Plan        : $19/mo.
  • Startup Plan      : $49/mo.
  • Business Plan   : $99/mo.

Free Trial/Plan:

An industry-standard 14-day free trial is available.

To get started with your free trial, click here.


As mentioned near the beginning of this review, Helloify is presently being offered under a public beta. When the app comes out of beta, it will most likely offer additional features which are currently not provided. Being priced at almost one third of the average competing apps, you might find it suitable to meet the requirements of a small store, at a very affordable price.

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