Demoup Solves All of Your Product Page Video Problems

Did you know that videos in product pages increase the likelihood of a purchase by 85%?

That's right.

Do you know why? Think about it. Shopping online puts the consumer at a disadvantage in terms of being able to actually feel, view and play around with the product they are considering buying.

However, a demo or introductory video comes in handy because it gives customers a chance to see the item in action. For example, if you wanted to buy a mountain bike online, how are you going to know if the shocks respond well when hitting a bump? How can you figure out if the design is truly what you want based on a few images? Videos can certainly help with this.

Videos are crucial to companies who would like to improve their conversions online. However, if you've tried to locate videos about your products, you may have run into the following problems:

  • Finding videos from manufacturers is harder than you thought.
  • You aren't sure if the licensing allows the use of the videos on your site.
  • It takes a long time to constantly update your product pages with new videos.

That's where Demoup comes into play.

The young, Berlin-based company has made strides in expediting this entire process, cutting out the need to find videos, figuring out licensing and placing videos at the right locations on your website.

The tool is pretty remarkable, considering you only have to implement a few lines of code and wait about a day for your entire site to automatically populate with relevant product videos. Since we figure lots of ecommerce stores will find this useful, let's take a deeper look at why Demoup may be just the tool you need.

Demoup Pricing

This one's simple, because Demoup doesn't release pricing. They don't have any particular plans since every single one of their clients is unique in their own way. Some are huge stores, while others are smaller. Therefore, it completely depends on how many views you're going to have on your videos.

We will say that the folks at Demoup have stated they primarily cater to bigger online shops, since it's not particularly designed for small stores to just play around with.

If you'd like to discuss getting a quote for your integration with Demoup, feel free to contact them to learn more.

What are the Best Parts of the Demoup System?

Seamless Integration, With Constant Updates

thumbnail videos

Demoup has an algorithm that constantly checks to see if new videos are available for your online store. When you get started with the company, they run the quick script and populate your site with the videos that are relevant. So, all you have to do is sit back and watch as small thumbnail links to the videos are shown somewhere on your product pages (usually underneath the product images.)

If during the process you have a product that doesn't currently have a video from the manufacturer, but the manufacturer later makes one, Demoup places the new video on your product page without you having to do any work.

It goes the other way as well, so if you include a product after the Demoup integration, the system automatically scans for a video on the item and inserts it into the page.

video lightbox

The videos are immediately viewable by your customers, so if they click on one of the small thumbnail video links, a lightbox version of the video promptly starts playing for them to figure out if they'd like to buy the product.

Conversion Stats


Wouldn't it be nice to see if these videos are actually helping you make more sales? That's what makes Demoup standout the most, since the amount of stats and reports in the system is astounding.

The coolest graph outlines your view rate, along with how many leads and visitors you receive from the video. It tracks the amount of people who add an item to a cart without watching the video and compares this with the amount of customers who add an item to the cart after watching the video. This isn't an exact science, but it gives you a general idea as to how effective the videos are.


Live Streams for Checking in On Who's Watching Now


One module in the Demoup dashboard reveals which videos people are currently watching on your site. It also includes some interesting looks into the attention spans of those people. What's great is that YouTube has an attention span of around 55%, while videos that are watched through Demoup get an attention span of around 85%. This means that people are certainly interested in watching videos before spending their money.

Tools for Seeing How Each Individual Video Performs


Individual video performance information is good for a few reasons. First, it's nice to see which of the videos are working for your company. Maybe you need to find an alternative video or make your own to boost sales?


You can also compare the video stats with other videos in your online store. It's just another way to figure out which of your products are performing well, and if the Demoup platform is performing well. In fact, this is one of the few systems I've seen that offers immediate results as to whether or not it's doing its job.

How's the Support from Demoup?

Demoup provides support for both German and English-speaking companies right now, and you can contact them through email or phone. They even suggest that clients come visit their Berlin office to meet the team, as long as you give them a heads up beforehand. Along with some friendly people to talk to, and a dedicated support team available during the day, you shouldn't have any problems getting in touch.


What Companies and Individuals Should be Using Demoup?

Since Demoup was founded in 2014, it's going to be exciting to see what else they have in store for the future. The company currently has around 250 clients, but they expect that to reach around 1,000 within the next year.

Although it's super simple for beginners, we only recommend going with Demoup if you're an established ecommerce store with loads of traffic. Demoup has clearly stated they cater to larger stores, so it would most likely be too expensive if you're just getting started with a smaller shop.

That said, leave us a comment below if you have any questions, and go to the Demoup website to signup today.

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