CopperProject Review [Project Management App]

CopperProject Review

While the old adage ‘two is a company, three is a crowd' is true in the social sense of the world, a slightly modified version of this can apply in the professional/business context: ‘two is order, three is chaos'. As anyone who has been involved with anything more than short, simple projects working in a team environment would know, a good project management software is one of the basic necessities in such scenarios.

CopperProject is one such software application for performing various project management functions that has been in the market for well over a decade now.

My review of this app follows.


CopperProject is offered under two models: web-based SaaS (Software as a Service) and Self Hosted, on your own server


A list of various features offered by CopperProject is as follows:

  • Real-time Task Management – shows task status and updates in real time. The priority/urgency of individual tasks can be easily assigned/viewed
  • Time Tracking – accurately tracks time spent on each task and project by each user
  • Project Time Line – provides at-a-glance view of the completion status (in percentages) as well as delivery dates corresponding to all projects

CopperProject projects

  • Drag and Drop Calendar – allows easy rescheduling of tasks and projects
  • Secured File Management – allows files to be linked with only tasks and projects rather than to people/usrers in order to ensure proper access
  • Import from MS Project XML – allows you to directly and easily import projects from MS Project
  • Export to CSV and PDF Formats
  • Group Management – allows creation, updation and management of groups in an efficient manner
  • Budgeting – allows easy creation, viewing and management of budgets on a per project basis, taking into account the total time logged by all users who are working on a project
  • Invoicing – allows easy integration with popular financial accounting apps like Xero and QuickBooks

CopperProject  billing

  • Customisation – allows admin/s to customize various parameters like currency, time zone, default language etc. The company/client logo can be customized as well.
  • Multi-lingual Support – supports English, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Polish, and Chinese languages


Three paid plans are offered, based on the number of users, number of projects and file storage space, with good discounts offered on yearly pre-payments:

  • Studio        : $49/mo.
  • Corporate  : $75/mo.
  • Premium   : $149/mo.

CopperProject  price

As a hosted service, CopperProject is an ideal productivity tool for small to medium sized businesses, agencies and teams while corporates and other large organisations can deploy the self-hosted version.

A 30-day free trial is offered on all plans.

Click here to start using CopperProject.

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