4 Great Places to get Inspiration for your new ecommerce store

Sometimes it can be difficult to get inspired when creating your own ecommerce store, therefore it can be a good idea to get inspiration from different places. In this quick post we look at four great places to get inspiration for your own store.


SHOPPIES, the ecommerce awards offered to the best up-and-coming online shops for excellence in user experience and web design. They feature the best shops, what platforms they’re using, the SHOPPIES grades (for UX, identity & content), and a short description.

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Cart Craze

Cart Craze has a great overview of many different templates that you can use with your ecommerce stores. It not only tells you who has designed the sites, but also which platform they work on. The site also allows visitors to give their own rating to the different sites. It also tells you which category the template fits in, so whether it is for electronics, clothing or other products.

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Inspect Element

While Inspect Element is more of a website designed for web designers, it still has a lot of great posts for you to get your daily dose of inspiration for your new ecommerce site. One of the best posts on the site is their 23 Excellent Examples of How to Design Online Stores.

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Shopify & Bigcommerce

As the two leading platforms in the market, both Shopify and Bigcommerce have a lot of amazing themes and other plug-ins for you to use in your ecommerce store. With over 55 themes available in the Shopify Theme Store coming in more than 140 styles, there are a lot of options available when it comes to picking a theme for your store. Bigcommerce also has a huge offer of free and paid themes.

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