What Will The Google Buy Button Mean for Ecommerce Stores?

Google Buy button

According to unnamed sources, Google is planning to add a “buy” button to their pages of search results. The button will direct customers to a Google product page, where they can make the final purchase, the actual product will be provided and sold by retailers, rather than by Google. In the beginning, this would just be added to mobile searches, however with a desktop version to be added sometime in the future.

With the addition of a buy button, Google Shopping would go from being a simple search engine to being more of a middle-man. However, unlike companies such as Amazon, Google would not get a share of the profit, but more a pay per click profit.

What does this mean for smaller ecommerce stores?

Of course, with the release of these rumors, many smaller ecommerce store owners are worried that this means they will see a dip in sales, as Google will provide linkage with large retailers instead of smaller companies. Rumors state that Macy's is already in talks to join the new program,

Furthermore, many retailers are afraid that they will lose out on a very important customer relationship if everything is handled by Google.

What will Google do to calm the storm?

According to The Wall Street Journal, ecommerce store owners will be able to continue with the same marketing programs that they have running on their own sites, in other words this will allow retailers to get access to customer’s contact information, for future marketing purposes. Furthermore, Google will brand  the product pages with links to the ecommerce store, finally sources state that recommendations for future purchases will only be shown from the retailer providing the product.

What is the upside?

One of the most difficult areas for ecommerce owners to succeed in is mobile sales, many ecommerce owners see much of their traffic coming from desktops, with the mobile purchase process still in its infancy.

According to research, many shoppers search for products on their smartphones, but then switch to their desktop computers to make the final purchase. One of the reasons for this is, that it is still relatively difficult to fill out a whole purchase form from a smartphone. However, if Google was to make the whole process more seamless, then perhaps retailers participating in Google’s buy now program would gain a major advantage as they would see mobile sales grow exponentially.

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