This Week in Ecommerce: nChannel adds BigCommerce & Shopify, Flaw in Alibaba leaves customers vulnerable

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The week is coming to an end, and what a week it has been in the ecommerce industry. While the previous week saw both BigCommerce and Volusion secure funding, this week has been a little more quite. nChannel added BigCommerce and Shopify to their network and Atlanta based ecommerce software startup ShopVisible was acquired by Epicor. Read on to see what else happened during this past week.

nChannel adds big etailers to network

Three major online retailer channels have joined nChannels' Connector Community Network – BigCommerce, Amazon Webstore and Shopify. These additions will allow online sellers to integrate from their nChannel portal to bigger retail hubs, improving reach. You can read both our Shopify and BigCommerce reviews for more information about the platforms.

Atlanta ecommerce software startup ShopVisible gets acquired by Epicor

Atlanta ecommerce startup ShopVisible has been acquired by Austin-based Epicor Software Corp. ShopVisible's search engine optimized ecommerce platform is available to online retailers. The software-as-a-service company's dashboard help businesses monitor and refine e-sales strategies to reach online shoppers.

Flaw in Alibaba's international e-commerce site put merchants at risk

An Israeli security firm has found a security flaw in Alibaba Group’s international marketplace that could have wreaked havoc for the scores of merchants on the site. AliExpress is a growing English language ecommerce site from the Chinese company that serves various foreign markets including the U.S., Russia and Brazil. But in late October, a researcher from security firm AppSec Labs found a vulnerability that could allow an attacker to hijack a merchant’s account. As we have mentioned in the past, there is nothing more important than making sure your customers information is safe. This can be achieved through using the right type of SSL and SSL Provider.

45% growth in Polish cross-border ecommerce in 2014

There was a growth of 45% in the cross-border ecommerce industry in Poland this year. With this growth rate, it grew harder than the cross-border ecommerce industry in European countries like Romania, Greece and Hungary. With this in mind, perhaps it is time to consider which payment gateway, you should be using, and whether it allows you to easily sell your products across borders.

Insights and trends of the ecommerce business in 2015

Ecommerce retailers that started out as online stores seem to be quicker at adopting new technologies than the more traditional companies. If traditional companies are to catch up, they must find more synergy between their ecommerce effort and their bricks and mortar shops. It can come as no surprise that ecommerce will continue to gain in popularity, especially since ecommerce sales increased nearly 20 Percent from 2013 to 2014.



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