This week in ecommerce – Bigcommerce adds new board member, new Google Analytics releases in 2014 and much more

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The week is coming to an end, and while it has been a very busy week for Microsoft, it has been a much more quiet week in the ecommerce industry. This week saw Bigcommerce adding former Groupon exec to their board, as well as Ebay planning to break up into different companies. Read on to see what else happened to the top ecommerce platforms during this past week.

Why are ecommerce startups bullish on retail?

This past summer, I was walking around Chicago with a realtor. We were looking for popup spaces in Lincoln Park for Ministry of Supply, and she pointed out an American Apparel. “They’re not doing well,” she whispered. “That space may become available.” Six months later, Warby Parker moved in. American Apparel isn’t alone. Sears/Kmart is shutting down 200 stores. In the company’s blog, CEO Edward Lampert points out: “With more and more of our sales and member engagement happening online or via mobile and shipping straight to home, do we need the same kinds of stock rooms and warehouses?”

Top 14 Google Analytics Releases in 2014, for Ecommerce

This post will cover the 14 most important Google Analytics releases in 2014 for ecommerce and retail mobile apps. Merchants should consider using these in 2015. You can read this article for a complete guide to setting up Google Analytics for your ecommerce website

Bigcommerce adds former Groupon exec to the board

Ecommerce platform Bigcommerce is the latest Australian start-up to pull off a hiring coup, adding former Groupon COO Kal Raman to its board of directors. Raman, the CEO of SolutionStar and former executive at Amazon, and Groupon, said he will work closely with Bigcommerce’s executive leadership team to help the company scale its business, platform and market presence. You can read my full Bigcommerce review here.

The five things this female Indian ecommerce entrepreneur has to say

She’s traveled a long way from physically selling bottles of coconut hair oil in the villages of rural India to working with well-known brands, including that of a luxury champagne label. Now she’s taking a whole new path through being a part of the Indian dotcom decade – and has plenty of advice to offer those who want to follow their own entrepreneurial heartstrings.

EBay's breakup plans may open door for ecommerce M&A

EBay Inc's plans to break up into three different companies could accommodate would-be suitors, signaling a potential merger fight after the breakup. The company plans to spin off its payments division, PayPal, from its core marketplace division in the second half of the year, making two standalone publicly traded companies that some analysts say could be worth more than the combined entity. You can read more about finding the right payment gateway here.

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