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There's no denying that the Twitter's “buy” button has been the most talked about topic this past week. But we managed to stumble upon other interesting issues, (almost) as varied as last week. Let's browse through:

Apple Pay is Here

The new Apple Pay system is quite interesting and it is too early to make snap judgments on whether it is important or not. There was some pretty good commentary and insights around the web on this subject.

Twitter ‘Buy' is Here (Sort of)

Finally, after weeks of rumors, Twitter announced Monday that it is testing a “Buy Now” button to let users shop from select merchants and artists directly from the social network. Don't rush yet, because the button will roll out to a select group of users first before being introduced more broadly. Time will tell.

How to Improve Conversions

Without conversions, our eCommerce businesses are just as any ordinary webpages on the internet. When we begin to receive sales, we tend to learn more about our particular market, and especially about our customers – using this data we can advance our stores, and even predict future income results.

10 eCommerce Google Analytics Dashboards 

There you are, filtering through the maze of available data in Google Analytics. Daunting and time consuming task, I know. But data is key in making informed decisions, that's why the author of  this article collected some handy tools to help you make those quick and informed decisions. Good luck!

How to Promote Products with Social Media

Find out more about how to mix social media and e-commerce to garner more sales. Simple as that.

There's a rise in both online fraud and new online stores. This situation has created a paradox where new storefronts are trusted and not trusted at the same time. So, here you have a few critical online elements your site should have.

In the ever-changing ecommerce landscape, developing and maintaining a base of loyal customers is essential. In this article,  experts share their tips on how to keep customers coming back. Fingers crossed!

Attract More Clients as a Shopify Partner

Take a look at some of the factors that played a role in the success of top performing partners and break down how you can implement them for your own business. From “word of mouth” to “meetups & workshops”, this is useful info. Read on.

Turning Up the Heat in the Delivery Wars

Basically, Instacart and Whole Foods have turned up the heat in the grocery delivery wars with a new pilot program. Instacart is a service that provides customers with a personal shopper. You pick out the items you want online, and an Instacart personal shopper will go to your selected supermarket, do your shopping, and deliver it to your door. Well, read on if this is up your alley. Wonder what's next…

This article is for beginners and it tries to shine some light on the steps necessary to start your own eCommerce website. It even gives you the tools you need to get started. And encouragement. Lots of it.

To point your business in the right direction, this article talks about stats to keep in mind. Along with key takeaways and recommended courses of action.

How to Choose the Right Voice

Great copy will usually give the reader a craving for more, it will explain why the particular product is good and why he should consider buying it right away.Well, that is usually the plan, anyway. It comes down to being able to persuade someone into clicking the magical buy button. How do we achieve this?

That's it! Have a great weekend!


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