This Week in Ecommerce #2

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Last week I had put together our first news roundup. Here is our second one, after a rather busy week in this booming industry:

Hey, Ecommerce Companies – Location Still Matters!

Long story short: location matters even if you're doing business in the “virtual” world. This is research-based info and underlines the fact that more online companies are learning the importance of also operating offline. So, it could be a mistake to only focus your efforts online. Businesses should find correlations between online customers and their offline activities. But read on to find our more such findings.

What do Search Volumes Reveal about Trends in Marketing & eCommerce?

Interesting read about trends and predictions for 2014 in digital marketing and ecommerce. For instance, ‘Omnichannel' and ‘digital transformation' have both seen increased search numbers over 12 months from September 2013.  Search through, dig up more useful… numbers.

Some Ecommerce Channels Aren’t Meant to Close Sales

This post challenges you to an interesting imagination exercise. Your company launches a new line of products, you send all of your customers an email, and you ask them to check it out. And then…

The Key Differences Between Alibaba and Amazon in One Chart

Here you'll find an infographic which compares the two companies. It does start the conversation about China's Alibaba Group, a pretty serious threat to Amazon. Talking about rapid growth.

4 Ecommerce Strategies that Turn Browsers into Buyers

We already know that online retail is big business, but while the gains are impressive, most companies still don't maximize the online sales opportunities that are available. Read on to find out more about how to anticipate users’ needs and head in the right direction.

The Weak Link in eCommerce

Oh yes, I'm afraid this is part of real life. This article starts from personal experiences. However, this is not a reflection on the front-end website experience of certain online retailers. It looks like the problem really comes down to the human aspect of ecommerce, the warehouse fulfilment, distribution and delivery.

Map Shows All the Devices in the World Connected to the Internet

This is not average map, as it shows the location of all devices connected to the Internet in the world. It took just five hours to collect the data for this map, but a further 12 to generate the image. Pretty cool.

5 Ecommerce Mistakes to Avoid: A Newbie's Guide

For newbies: keep an eye on important details that can hold your online business back, and avoid the most common pitfalls. To help you find that balance, in this article you'll come across useful advice from a number of experts with decades of online retail experience between them. Fingers crossed!

Symphony Commerce to Build out its Commerce-As-A-Service Toolset

Symphony is growing quickly and it operates in what it calls the ‘commerce as a service’ space. Not ecommerce specifically, but commerce in general. Their goal is to provide a digital toolset to companies that are digital first, and not. The idea is that people who are adept at building a product, and connecting with a customer base, might know little to nothing about the finer points of running an online commerce business, or handling the storage and shipment of their goods. Read on for details. They might come in handy later.

8 Tips for Measuring e-Commerce Ad Campaigns

It looks like ecommerce will reach $294 billion in 2014 alone, and already accounts for nearly 10 percent of all retail sales. However, this is a highly competitive industry, hence this set of tips for measuring e-commerce ad campaigns that will help you make the most of that marketing budget.

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