Volusion Introduces Fully Responsive Ecommerce Themes

The guys at Volusion have some very exciting news, they have just announced the availability of a whole new set of responsive templates. With the holiday season shopping already underway and only getting stronger, now is the perfect time to make sure your site looks amazing on as many devices as possible.

Why use responsive design?

Today more than 17% of all website traffic comes from some sort of a mobile device, and in 2013 mobile based searches made up almost 25% of all searches. In other words you need to take mobile traffic into consideration when building your next ecommerce store, as chances are more and more of your visitors will enter your store through a mobile device.

If you are not using a responsive design, then you run the risk of your site not loading fast enough, or not properly at all. If your site is showing up as a desktop version on a small screen such as the screen on a smartphone, then chances are your visitors are quickly going to be frustrated, and remember, frustrated visitors are much more likely to take their shopping elsewhere.

A glimpse at the new themes

As you can see in the samples below, Volusion has gone to great lengths to create some very stunning responsive themes.

Dress Express 2.0

The first theme I would like to discuss is Dress Express 2.0, which features a prominent header image as well as displaying the product photos in a very appealing way. The sleek design helps make the store feel more professional.

Volusion Dress Express


Technologik 2.0

This theme is an update of one of the most popular Volusion themes, the updated version offers a fully responsive design as well as featuring a bold set of colors and many images that are sure to grab your visitors attention.

Technologik 2.0 Ecommerce Theme


This theme offers a window-pane apperance which is perfect for a business who would like to implement a lot of images into their theme. Your visitors immediately get a glimpse at some of the products your store has to offer. Of course some people might argue that the $895 pricetag is a bit steep, however when you consider the quality of the theme, then you quickly realize this price actually isn't that expensive.

Volusion Lotus Ecommerce Theme


Driven is a completely new theme that Volusion has just released. Similar to Technologik 2.0, the theme boasts a powerful color scheme. The images allow you to offer your clients a quick overview of your products as well as your most important categories, all of this right from the home page.

Volusion Driven Ecommerce Theme

Responsive design and SEO

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of using a responsive theme is the fact that it means all versions of your site will use a single URL. No longer will the mobile version of your site have a m.yoursite URL but the same address as the one desktops use. This has a big impact on your sites SEO as it builds authority and prevents duplicate content issues. Another plus is that search engines have been known to favor sites with a responsive design in their mobile searches, and that automatically means additional traffic for you.

End Note:

A responsive template will make sure every shopper has an optimal experience no matter what device they are using to visit your site. When your customers are happy, then chances are they will end up making a purchase through your site. Volusion has announced that they will continue to release responsive templates, so be sure to check their site on a regular basis. If you would like to learn more about Volusion, then I recommend you read my full Volusion review here.

Catalin Zorzini

I'm a web design blogger and started this project after spending a few weeks struggling to find out which is the best ecommerce platform for myself. Check out my current top 10 ecommerce site builders.