This week in Ecommerce – Shopify Roadshow, Bigcommerce Launches Bigcommerce Enterprise and Much More

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The week is coming to an end, it has been an interesting week in the ecommerce industry, a lot has happened for the most popular ecommerce platforms. This week saw Shopify taking a road trip to promote their IPO, Bigcommerce launching Bigcommerce Enterprise, why luxury brands are reluctant to make the move online and much more.

Shopify Inc gauges Canadian demand for its IPO ahead of pricing next week

The second and last leg of the Canadian road show for the initial public offering of Ottawa-headquartered Shopify Inc. occurred Monday when the tour visited Toronto. With the job of getting the word out now largely done, investors will submit their expressions of interest and wait to see how many shares they receive when the available stock is allocated. The offering is expected to be priced next week. Read my full Shopify review here.

Why Are so Few Luxury Brands Sold Online?

With the new Apple Watch Edition, consumers can now purchase a $17,000 directly from the comforts of their homes. However, many luxury brands are very reluctant to take their business online, in this article we will look at some of the reasons why this is, and why some companies such as Chanel are finally making the move online.

Bigcommerce chases big commerce with Bigcommerce Enterprise

Bigcommerce has launched an ecommerce platform for large retailers, in a major shift in strategy for the Sydney-based software start-up, which has also abandoned its ‘joint chief executive’ structure. The company has announced Bigcommerce Enterprise, a hosted ecommerce platform with the ability to transact millions of dollars in sales. Customers of the new enterprise-grade product include Samsung, Marvel, Cetaphil and Ubisoft. Read my full Bigcommerce review here.

Affiliate Marketing Is Broken But Ecommerce Companies Can Adapt

We’ve all heard digital marketers say, “You don’t need to sell advertising on your site, you can just take a percentage of a sale through affiliate marketing!” While that may have rang true five years ago, affiliate marketing has changed dramatically — for the worse. It boggles the mind why some of the biggest merchants in the world support these sites so wholeheartedly, because actually they’re paying them for sales they've already made. The goal for all ecommerce marketers should be incremental sales growth, but that is hard to do when you’re paying twice for an incremental sale with these coupon affiliate sites.

How consumers behave on ecommerce apps

Ecommerce apps sometimes get a rough press, but it’s more to do with the retailers that provide an app instead of offering a decent mobile optimised web experience. It’s annoying when you want to visit a retailer on your mobile and you’re either redirected immediately to an app download, or are provided a non-mobile optimised experience. If you would like to know more about Mobile Ecommerce then read this article.

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