This Week in Ecommerce – Shopify files for IPO, Dick’s Sporting Goods Adding Stores to Boost Ecommerce and Much More

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The week is coming to an end, it has been an interesting week in the ecommerce industry, a lot has happened for the most popular ecommerce platforms. This week saw Shopify filing for a $100M IPO and much more.

Shopify files for $100M IPO in Canada and United States

After many months of rumors, Shopify has just filed for an initial public offering with the Securities and Exchange Commission. According to the preliminary filing, the company is looking to raise around $100 million.

Why Dick's Sporting Goods is linking ecommerce to its decision to build new brick-and-mortar

Dick’s Sporting Goods is factoring the potential of added sales from ecommerce into its expansion plans, even as it announces it was lowering its projections for how many stores it will eventually have. While the company now operates more than 600 stores, Dick’s expects to max out at 750 stores by the end of 2017, less than the 800 stores the company originally expected. Dick's leadership is pitching investors on the potential of new stores as a way to achieve more sales online.

Vend Adds Ecommerce To Its Point Of Sale Offering

Vend is a scrappy young vendor offering a cloud point of sale (POS) solution for small retailers. The company has done a good job growing its operation and now has offices (and, importantly, customers) across the globe.

Investors continue to bet big on ecommerce

In yet another indication of how investors are willing to bet big on the ecommerce space, Ola announced on Thursday it had raised $400 million in an infusion led by Russian entrepreneur Yuri Milner’s DST Global.

Is India in an ecommerce bubble?

The zooming valuations and ease at which ecommerce companies have been able to raise money have given rise to such questions of business viability of various players. These companies have been burning capital at the same speed at which they are raising them.  Is the ecommerce sector in India a bubble waiting to burst?

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