This Week in Ecommcerce – Twitter Teams up with Shopify for “Buy Button”, Bigcommerce wins trio of agencies and much more

The week is coming to an end, and what a week it has been in the ecommerce industry, a lot has happened for the most popular ecommerce platforms. This week saw Shopify joining forces with Twitter, Bigcommerce winning trio of agencies, and much more.

You’ll Soon Be Able To Buy Stuff Directly From Twitter

Over the past year, three social media giants – Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest – have been experimenting with “Buy” buttons on their websites as a new source of revenue from their large audiences. Twitter began testing their Buy button in September with a small group of artists, brands, and non-profits, and they are now teaming up with Shopify, which currently has about 100,000 merchants using its software, and other ecommerce software companies to expand to a much wider range of businesses. Read my full Shopify review here.

Bigcommerce Wins Trio Of Agencies

Austin-based ecommerce software and services provider Bigcommerce reported Wednesday that it has scored three new agencies as clients. Bigcommerce said that Praxis, and Human Element have all tied into Bigcommerce's software-as-a-service platform. Read my full Bigcommerce review here.

Growth of ecommerce pushes funds into small-fry shipping firms

Forget Amazon and its out-of-this-world share price.Instead, U.S. mutual fund managers are turning to small-scale shipping companies such as Inc and Pitney Bowes Inc as a backdoor way into the growing $334 billion ecommerce market. Funds from firms including T. Rowe Price, Lord Abbett and Royce Capital were among the 28 that added to their portfolio in their most recent quarter, a 250 percent jump from the quarter before, according to Morningstar. Competitor Pitney Bowes, founded in 1920, saw the number of funds adding shares of the company to their portfolios jump by 30 percent over the same time.

3 Tips on How to Differentiate in Ecommerce

As the ecommerce market has evolved, customers have become more and more aware of the companies attempts to fulfill their needs and make them happy. Nowadays, customers are not looking for a plain shopping experience because they buy with their heart and soul, and they want to be surprised. Considering these aspects and the competitive market, why don’t you take a step forward and adapt your business to the latest trends from the retail market?

Five ecommerce marketing trends that will dominate 2015

The stage has been set for a while now and ecommerce organisations, today, continue to pave the way in the digital shopping experience. As technology continues to grow rapidly, ecommerce players are adopting newer techniques to facilitate efficient online selling and buying. More recently, with the introduction of flash sales and daily deals from various companies, ecommerce has brought forward technnovation to the retail sector. Here you can read my article on ecommerce trends in 2015.

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