Shopify Opens Two New Floors in Their Office

Since Tobias Lütke created his first online sales platform at a coffee shop, Shopify has come a long way in just 10 short years. Earlier this month the company opened up two new floors in their office. You can read my full shopify review here.

The 11th floor is themed after a back alley and boast a a circular rubber “trike track” for skateboarders, complete with an electronic clock for staging impromptu time trials. What is great is the fact that the track is insulated to muffle noise so those people who do feel like working can do so without being disturbed.

Shopify co-founder Daniel Weinand said of the office “The fundamental principle in designing this office was to create a home. We invest a lot of time and resources on recruiting the right people to work in this organization, so it is incredibly important that we provide a space where everyone is comfortable and can work to their fullest potential”.

The office also has an entertainment room with all the latest video games, and hammocks are hung throughout the office.

The company has also leased floors 12 and 13. It just began designing those last month and plans to start construction before the end of the year, with a target opening of mid-2016.

Below are some pictures from the Shopify office:






Pictures come from Office Lovin'

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