Shopify 2: The First Review

Shopify 2 ecommerce platform review
I’m going to tell you about Shopify’s soon-to-be-released new platform soon, but first I want to go over some quick industry news. Last July Shopify, Bigcommerce and Volusion all announced upcoming new versions. Shopify announced the much anticipated “Shopify 2” with a teaser video and let in a small amount of stores to test the new platform. The first reactions were overwhelmingly positive.

Bigcommerce started an ‘early release program’ where merchants could apply for access to their revamped admin. As they mentioned on their blog,  they “uncovered a few issues and inconsistencies” and they’re currently working to fix them.

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I haven’t tried Bigcommerce’s new control panel, new themes and carousel builder, but I can’t wait until they have ironed out the kinks. Some of the screenshots they have released on their blog look absolutely gorgeous.

Volusion announced an update with Volusion V13, but it was pretty underwhelming.

Anyways, the first ecommerce platform to make real progress with their new version is Shopify, who just announced six new features that Shopify 2 will include. Shopify plans to invite some merchants to try the Shopify 2 beta before it’s released. Lucky for me, I got a sneak peak.

Here’s what I think:

1. Partial Refunds

Shopify 2 partial refunds
You could always offer partial refunds with Shopify but you had to do it though PayPal – which was pretty annoying. Now you can offer partial refunds from within the Shopify admin. Finally! Love it.

2. Better Variant Editing

Shopify 2 variant editing options
Shopify completely redesigned their product editing page. Now adding and editing products with lots of variants is much easier.

3. Improved Search

Shopify 2 search and filters options
Shopify 2’s new search and filtering functionality has been significantly improved across all pages (products, orders, blog).

4. Meta Descriptions

Shopify 2 meta description is great for SEO purposes
We could edit meta descriptions before, but an app was needed. Now this functionality is built in. This seems to be a bit of  a trend with Shopify. Over the past few months they have been releasing features that replace paid apps that used to be required to give a store that functionality. We think this is a step in the right direction.

Final Word

Quite frankly it looks amazing. Shopify notes that Shopify 2 is still in beta so we will likely see more improvements and changes over the next while. It is a huge improvement over Shopify 1 and we are thrilled with this update, even if it did take them 7 years to release… it was worth the wait. Look out Bigcommerce. Look out Volusion. Look out Magento. Seriously.


Catalin Zorzini

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