Must Read Articles from The Week of April 4 2016

The week is coming to an end, and that means it is time for me to have a look at some of the things that has happened in this past week. A lot of really good articles have been posted around the web throughout this past week, and I have made a roundup of some of the best articles. 


Online Marketing

  • Three Things You Must Do to Master E-mail Personalization – This article written by Michelle Markelz examines how to best personalize e-mails in order to get more people to read them, and in return to visit your store.
  • How to Boost Your Content Marketing Campaign – This article written by Alex Sizer examines how Content marketing, if it is done correct can help you to boost brand awareness, as well as improve your SEO, it also focuses on how you can gain the trust of your clients.
  • 10 ways NOT to use Google Analytics – This article by Matt Trimmer looks at the 10 common Google Analytics mistakes that you really need to avoid if you want to use Google Analytics to the fullest.
  • Inbound Marketing Trends for 2016 – Michael Kiel looks at some of the most popular trends for Inbound Marketing, and not surprisingly he mentions that guest blogging is gaining in popularity when it comes to inbound marketing.

Web design

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