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So I'm attending this event on the 28th of October as lots of the marketing people I look up to (including Neil Patel, Saul Klein, and Sean Ellis) will speak about what they know best: how to grow your business 🙂 And the organizers were nice enough to offer a 10% discount for anyone using the coupon code catalin 

What is Growth Hacking?

Growth Hacking is an effective marketing tactic that is mostly used by start-up tech companies but can be successfully applied for any online business really, including online shops. By using social metrics and creativity, along with analytic thinking, start-ups are able to dramatically improve their exposure and increase their sales.

This is assessable to just about everyone as it involves marketing on a limited budget to get the maximum results for a start-up business. It's a tactic that has been adopted by some of the best known tech companies in the world, including Facebook and Twitter, and nyone keen to learn more about this strategy will be able to learn from some of the world’s top growth experts.

Major Growth Hacking Conference to be held in the UK

The Growth Hacking conference is to be held at The Troxy, London on October 28th, 2014. The event runs from 08.30 – 19.30 and there will be a full programme of speeches from some of the world’s best known business growth experts including Sean Ellis (Qualroo), Saul Klein (Index Ventures), Jamie Quint (Quint Growth), Neil Patel (KISSmetrics), Lesley Eccles (FanDuel), and Zack Onisko (Autodesk). At the conference, marketers will learn invaluable advice on how to move their businesses forward in an increasingly tough environment.

The event has been organised by Sean Ellis, the founder of Growthhackers.com, a well-curated site I visit on a daily basis. Ellis is the CEO of Qualroo and he has previously worked with companies such as Dropbox and Eventbrite to help them to successfully implement growth strategies; always an innovator, Ellis is the man that first introduced us to the term “Growth Hacking”.

The conference is aimed at marketers who want to learn the essential steps that they will have to take if they want to make a success of their start-up business; attendees at the growth hacking conference will be in a unique position to learn how to develop the correct mind set, strategies and tactics that they’ll need to succeed.

Exclusive 10% Discount

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