Feeling the BigCommerce Crunch? Here’s How to Make the Switch + Exclusive Discount

Last fall, the comments section of my BigCommerce review started to be flooded with angry comments from BigCommerce customers. Here's one example from Jack: “BigCommerce just contacted us and said they are changing our pricing from $25/month to $900+/month. Yes you read that correctly! I can’t believe it. Watch out for them.”

BigCommerce announced they were changing their pricing structure, which essentially redefined and restricted the type of plan that growing ecommerce stores could choose. Gone are the days when you could pay the modest price of $29.95 a month and process 1,000 orders in a 12-month period. Now, when you grow, so does your monthly payout to BigCommerce.


While the company says that 80 per cent of clients won’t see a change in the cost of their plans, reports of exorbitant increases – up to 1,700 per cent in some cases – have left many merchants feeling sour.

The company has tried to frame the changes as a benefit to their clients, even doing away with certain charges, but the fact remains the announcement feels a bit like a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

The framing of the announcement and its poor timing right before the Christmas crunch have been widely criticized, and are increasingly viewed as major missteps for the ecommerce company.

But instead of focusing on the negative, let’s look for solutions.


Many of you BigCommerce clients asked me what's the best alternative to move your shop to and after doing some more research I am confident in my suggestion: let’s talk Shopify. I’ve mentioned Shopify in past posts as a great solution for small and medium-sized businesses. A self-hosted, paid ecommerce platform, Shopify is especially popular with merchants who don’t necessarily have design or development skills, and it offers more than 100 apps and add-ons to customize a store. In other words, Shopify is easy to use but can serve almost every merchant’s unique needs.

If you’re a big company with lots of products, clients, and traffic, Shopify’s fully-hosted Plus platform is another great option.

Like other enterprise-level platforms, Shopify Plus offers enterprise-grade selling capabilities but without the hassle and hefty price tag associated with traditional enterprise applications. It can handle thousands of orders per minute, accept all types of payments, is extremely customizable, and gives you the white glove treatment.

How to make the move

Moving your entire ecommerce empire to a new platform can, at best, be daunting.

Luckily, the migration tool Cart2Cart is a great solution to your BigCommerce bind.

The app transfers products, customers, and orders from one platform to another, but you can download a version specifically for migrating from BigCommerce to Shopify.

In general, migration tools are imperfect solutions because so many bits and pieces can differ between various platforms. With Cart2Cart, easily the best automated migration tool on the market, you can expect a large portion of your website to transfer successfully, leaving you with only a few missing details to transfer manually.

The amount of time it takes to complete a transfer ranges from a few hours to a full day’s work, but the user-friendly app is constantly being improved.

Its price tag ranges based on the size of data migration required, but if you sign up for a Shopify account, you’re eligible for a Cart2Cart discount (note: Shopify only hands-out the deal once a merchant has selected a plan).

Here's a more detailed transition guide.


If you’re still feeling daunted by the process of migrating your online store from one platform to another, consider consulting with a Shopify Expert. Hand-picked for their proven professionalism and experience working with Shopify, Experts are cultivated from various domains, including development, design, marketing, and photography.

Shopify Setup Experts are specifically listed to help you successfully and seamlessly migrate your online business to the Shopify platform.

With advanced knowledge of the platform, and strategic partnerships already formed, you’ll be in the best hands to launch the next – and most successful – chapter of your ecommerce story.

Discount until March 1

If you decide to make the transition from BigCommerce to Shopify until Match 1, I've managed to get a deal for you from Shopify, so email me on catalin@ecommerce-platform.com with the subject “BigCommerce transition” and I will send you an exclusive, lifetime discount coupon of 15% off of any of their standard plans!


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