Evernote is shutting down “Market” their Ecommerce experiment

Since 2013 Evernote has been running their own ecommerce platformMarket” however that store is no more.

Market was the home of Evernote's store selling all sorts of office products, according to TechCrunch the company originally started Market as a “supplemental income stream for the firm and built to cater to its more dedicated users”. However it never really gained traction.

Evernote reported that throughout the lifetime of Market they sold more than 800,000 Evernote Moleskine notebooks, 300,000 Jot Script styluses, and nearly 20,000 ScanSnap scanners. Customers will still be able to purchase a handful of products made by partner companies that are closely working together with Evernote's service. However these purchases will be completed on the producers websites, these companies will also be responsible for shipping and handling.

This is just another string of events in many changes that Evernote have made, recently they hired a new CEO and in September, Evernote laid off 13 percent of its work force, in the second of two rounds of layoffs last year.

John Hoye, Evernote's senior director of partnerships and accessory products, writes in a blog post “Ultimately though, Evernote is a software company. Building and perfecting the Evernote experience is where we’ll be focusing our future efforts.”

Catalin Zorzini

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