This Week in Ecommerce: Social Commerce, Ecomm Software, Investors, .buy & More

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Everybody's talking about social commerce these days, which was a popular topic last week too, but there are a few other ecomm experiments and brands that have hit the headlines. Let's browse through:

Amazon Purchases .buy Domain for $4.6 Million

And in the process beats Google. The online retail giant secured the .buy domain, although they weren't able to create their own .amazon domain. A similar auction for the .tech generic top-level domain (gTLD) saw it fetch $6.7 million from Dot Tech LLC, a group set up to create an online environment for the technology industry as a whole. 

Ecommerce Software in the Making

Ecomdash announces the winner of Occupy eStreet (annual contest for small business owners). Contestants were required to submit a future business goal with an accompanying photo. Smejkal (the winner) submitted a photoshopped image of his dashboard camera company Pier28 in its own vendor booth at the CES International Consumer Electronics Show in 2015. Over the next six months Smejkal will document and share his experience starting a new ecommerce company and growing it into a successful business. Keep an eye on this dashcam trend.

Indonesian Ecommerce Site Jualo is Growing Fast (Any New Investors?)

Jualo launched last year and it basically lets users locate goods for sale that are just around the corner using a built-in GeoSearch tool. The site is similar to a couple of local giants like OLX and Berniaga, but they don's seem bothered by direct competitors, as Indonesia’s ecommerce game is still in its infancy. Their buy-and-sell format encourages users to bargain, negotiate, or even just exchange goods and services without payment. Interesting story. Read on.

Why doesn't Amazon sell iPhones? 

Ever wondered why Amazon sells virtually everything, but it has never offered the newest iPhones on its site? Maybe because the two giants have a complicated relationship. If you want details, read on.

Alibaba Overtakes Amazon

It looks like Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. is knocking Inc. off its perch as the world’s largest online retailer by market capitalization. The other day, Alibaba began trading on the New York Stock Exchange after pricing its public offering at $68 a share. This is a milestone in the e-commerce market, where the center of gravity has long resided in the U.S. There's a video interview too with the CEO, if you want to dig deeper.

Coca-Cola Brings Surge Back in E-Commerce Experiment

The story goes that Cola-Cola will rely solely on for the relaunch of the 1990s-era citrus-flavored soda. A clear sign, some will say, that consumer-packaged good brands are seeking more online sales. A fizzy comeback, what can I say. Let's see how it works.

‘Login & Pay with Amazon’ Service Arrives in Europe  

For those who are not familiar, this Amazon tool allows businesses to update their websites with an Amazon login option, which customers can then choose to quickly pay using the details they have stored with the e-commerce giant. Rather than punching in long-winded personal details, customers can click once and have everything submitted instantly. It reduces friction in the checkout process. And it's available in Europe too. 

4 Brands That Have Cracked the Social Commerce Code 

Everybody's been talking about social commerce lately, with all these social media platforms getting serious about growing their share of the e-commerce pie. This article tries to answer the question “How do we move beyond the likes, shares and retweets to getting people to actually buy ?”. And does this by taking a closer look at what four of the smartest brands in the business have pulled off to secure their social media revenue streams. Good to know.

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