OptinMonster Black Friday / Cyber Monday – 35% OFF all plans

Admit it. It’s not surprising that 65% of businesses feel that traffic and lead generation is, by far, their biggest challenge when it comes to marketing. It’s not a walk in the park.

What makes it worse is the fact that even when you invest heavily in traffic generation, your visitors don’t automatically translate to leads. In essence, 96% of your site’s traffic is not ready to buy yet. That’s why we’ve grown fond of taking them through the corresponding lead generation systems.

Now, we all know that there’s a very wide lead generation field out there- various tools for pretty much any channel you can think of. But, let’s face it. Nothing comes close to opt-in tools.


Well, very simple actually. All things considered, Optin systems essentially form the framework for collecting all the details you might need for subsequent engagement processes.

Sadly, however, here’s the kicker. The best tools, as you probably know by now, don’t come cheap at all. That’s one of the reasons why 53% of marketers are allocating more than half of their budgets to lead generation only.

So, what’s the solution?

Here’s the thing. If only it were that easy to convince some of the leading service providers to reduce their prices. Hmmm…

Hey, wait a minute. You know what? It turns out that a particularly notable one- OptinMonster– has been gripped by the holiday fever, and is offering a 35% Black Friday/Cyber Monday discount from the 19th all-through to the 26th of November.

What do you get?

Feature Highlights of OptinMonster Lead Generation

Drag-and-Drop Builder

OptinMonster comes with a robust drag-and-drop builder to set up your own attractive custom optin forms to effectively generate leads.

And guess what? Users don’t need any coding knowledge at all. The builder employs an intuitive system that systematically guides you through template selection and the consequent customization stages. You can take advantage of it to build different types of forms, including mobile-friendly popups and Yes/No forms. Its canvas is particularly handy for creating your own custom designs from scratch. And to make everything funkier, you also get to select from more than 26 attention-grabbing-sound effects and animations.

Multiple Campaign Types

A one-size-fits-all approach here would not pan out well for all businesses. So, to help users align their lead generation systems with their corresponding engagement structures, OptinMonster provides the following campaign types:

  • Content Locker- For transforming articles into gated pieces to trigger opt-ins.
  • Inline Forms- Integrate forms with your site’s content.
  • Sidebar Forms- Sectional forms displayed on the side of every web page.
  • Countdown Timer- For creating a sense of urgency to encourage quick opt-ins.
  • Floating Bar- Suspended opt-in forms that move around as visitors scroll through a page.
  • Slide-In Scroll Box- Forms that slide onto the screen from the corner.
  • Fullscreen Welcome Mat- Full screen form display, complete with an accompanying call-to-action.
  • Lightbox Popup- Regular popup forms.

Campaign Triggers

OptinMonster has leveraged artificial intelligence to help businesses reach out to their target demographics at the right time, based on distinct visitor behaviors. The trigger technologies include:

  • Campaign Scheduling- Set up timed campaigns for selected periods.
  • Timed Display Control- Determine ideal times for showing the forms.
  • InactivitySensor- Hit inactive visitors with relevant campaigns.
  • MonsterLinks 2-Step Optins– Transform selected images and links into optin forms.
  • Scroll Trigger- Display a campaign form after a visitor scrolls through a specific chunk of the page.
  • Exit-Intent Technology- Target visitors who are leaving a page with relevant campaigns.

Targeted Campaigns

You can also take advantage of the AI to go for precise targets based on the following parameters:

  • AdBlock Detection- Target visitors who’ve installed Ad Blockers.
  • Device-Based Targeting- Set up specific forms for mobile gadgets, tablets, and PCs.
  • Cookie Retargeting- Capitalize on cookies to profile and target visitors.
  • Geo-location Targeting- Go for visitors in selected geographical zones.
  • Onsite Retargeting- Set up special campaigns for visitors who’ve been on your site in the past.
  • Onsite Follow Up Campaigns- Send messages systematically based on progressive visitor actions.
  • Page-Level Targeting- Establish forms for selected pages or website sections.
  • Referrer Detection- Show the campaign forms according to the source of traffic.

Seamless Integrations

Lead generation is just the beginning. There’s still an entire conversion funnel to take visitors through if you plan to successfully transform them into customers. So, to help you achieve this effectively, OptinMonster links with a wide range of third-party platforms in the ecommerce ecosystem. They include:

  • Email marketing services
  • Website and ecommerce platforms

Actionable Insights

Admittedly, this whole lead generation framework can be quite extensive with numerous parameters. But thankfully, OptinMonster offers several tools to simplify the corresponding decision-making processes.

You could strategically combine conversion analytics, A/B testing, and real-time behavior automation to substantially improve your campaigns’ potential.

Normal OptinMonster Pricing

To leverage OptinMonster, users typically pay the following plan prices:

  • $19 per month for the Basic Or alternatively, $108 per year.
  • $39 per month for the Plus Or alternatively, $228 per year.
  • $59 per month for the Pro Or alternatively, $348 per year.
  • $99 per month for the Growth Or alternatively, $588 per year.

Special OptinMonster Black Friday/Cyber Monday Discount Pricing

This is certainly the best part. At a 35% all-year discount, you get to pay:

  • $70.20 instead of $108 for Basic
  • $148.20 instead of $228 for Plus
  • $226.20 instead of $348 for Pro
  • $382.20 instead of $588 for Growth

In other words, you’ll be fortunate enough keep 35% of your money for the entire year as you take advantage of what OptinMonster has to offer.

What To Do

And now for the big secret…

Quite simply, use BF2018 as the discount code and voila! It really is that simple.

Enjoy your savings, and happy holidays!

Davis Porter

Davis Porter is a B2B and B2C ecommerce pundit who’s particularly obsessed with digital selling platforms, online marketing, hosting solutions, web design, cloud tech, plus customer relationship management software. When he’s not testing out various applications, you’ll probably find him building a website, or cheering Arsenal F.C. on.