On the discreet charm of stationery

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Stationery. It grows in abundance in offices. Their favourite place is usually all over the place, but in well organized environments like desks, cabinets and cupboards, they tend to file, pile up and mix. Sometimes they show up unattended in boardrooms, receptions and canteens, but most of the time they are tightly held by humans who seem slightly addicted to them.

The envelope is one of the oldest in the stationary family. Actually, there was a time when envelopes were binding nations together. Or keeping one nation together. No wonder thereโ€™s an envelope industry and an envelope history.

They are versatile. They can bring good and bad news. Most recently they keep bringing bills, which sometimes itโ€™s a confusing mixture of terror and relief. Either way, most bills end up easily in the recycle bin. However, envelopes will be around in 50 years from now, no doubt about it.

The industry also breeds new envelopes, pockets, mailing wallets, bubble bags, pillow bags, foil bags, you name it. With the new developments envelopes can change their shape, colour, and texture.

But one gotta love envelopes because theyโ€™re more than stationery. There is the discreet charm of love letters mingling souls, or the heartfelt greetings wrapped up in coloured paper. And so much more.

Yes, theyโ€™ve been around for a few good centuries and theyโ€™re still very much alive, reinventing themselves to fit that fancy new ergonomic desk. What can I say, itโ€™s an unfolding story.

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