Monitor Backlinks Review: Automatically Check Backlinks and Beat Out Ecommerce Competition

Backlinks are some of the most controversial topics when talking about the internet.

Some folks say it's a joke that backlinks are used to determine search engine rankings because so many people abuse theme. At the same time, when used properly, backlinks are wonderful tools for checking to see if online users are showing interest in an article or website.

In addition, a solid backlink is a way for a business to accumulate more traffic, since they can publish a guest post on a high profile site and bring visitors from that site back to theirs.

Overall, backlinks still exist, and they will for the foreseeable future. Yes, search engines are cracking down on bad backlinks, so it's essential for all ecommerce stores to understand exactly where backlinks to their sites are coming from. After all, you may find out that hundreds of poor quality links are pointing to your site, in turn decreasing your search engine rankings.

Enter the Monitor Backlinks app, a tool that, unlike most SEO tools, gives all the reporting automatically, as oppose to on demand. This is the main selling point of Monitor Backlinks, and it basically means that you don't have to actively keep searching for good or bad backlinks, since the reporting is updated to you when needed.

It sounds like an interesting tool for ccommerce professionals trying to improve their SEO, so let's take a look at the Monitor Backlinks app to see if it's worth the investment.

Which Features Can You Expect From Monitor Backlinks?

If you take a look at the video above, it provides a decent look into what the Monitor Backlinks platform does for your online store. It's obviously a video from the company itself, but it's a good lead-in to the less biased review we're about to dive into.

Now, what's so special about Monitor Backlinks? Is it special at all? The features generally tell us the answers to this, so let's have a look at what's provided.

Your Own Domain Monitoring

The whole point of the Monitor Backlinks app is to see what backlinks are pointing to your own ecommerce sites. Overall, the metrics are well organized, but a little confusing. That said, it's kind of required in order to provide a comprehensive look into your backlinks.


I will say that the Monitor Backlinks app does a good job of also presenting more basic analysis that reveals tips and rules on how added and removed backlinks affect your search engine rankings. The graphs and metrics follow a calendar to show you if you've improved, which is pretty much how the average user would be able to see if they're making progress.

Competitor Monitoring

We like the competitor monitoring the best, since it gives users a peek into how they can possibly improve their keywords and backlinks based on what competitors are doing. A full comparison report is sent to you depending on your payment plan.


How does this help you? Well, as one example, you could see where your competitors are creating guest posts. This way, you can make a strategy to also list guest posts on those publications, depending on the quality of those links.

Checking In on Keywords

Keywords are analyzed in several areas of the Monitor Backlinks backend, but the most powerful metric is the Average Keyword Position, which tells you how much more traffic is coming into your online store due to changes you've made with backlinks.

Powerful Backend, Reports and Exporting


To start, you can export and email reports to people you're working with, which is nice. Unfortunately the cheapest plan doesn't have the ability to export, which doesn't help out those who are just getting started.

The backend provides several reports, and what's cool is that they have filtering tools for managing backlinks and checking in on items like social shares, anchor texts and server errors. It only takes a few minutes to setup this analysis, but it does require a completely different backend than your current website, which forces you to jump back and forth between, say, a WordPress dashboard and the Monitor Backlinks area.


Monitor Backlinks Pricing

If you go to the Monitor Backlinks pricing page, you'll see that three pricing plans are available. However, it's not nearly as simple as that.

Each of these pricing plans vary depending on the following factors:

  • Whether you plan on making monthly or yearly payments (You get two free months if you go with a yearly plan.)
  • Whether you plan on analyzing competitors or not
  • How many domains you want to manage

It's best that you go to the pricing page and play with the toggles to understand which of the plans work best for you. However, we want to give you a general idea of the pricing plans, so we'll look at the default pricing settings they reveal when landing on the Monitor Backlinks page.

This pricing is assuming you want to analyze competitors and you are paying on a monthly basis.

  • Start Plan – Begins at $24.90 per month to manage one domain and two competitor domains. Check out up to 500 referring domains and 50 keywords. An export feature is not included with this plan, but you receive access for one user.
  • Plus Plan – Begins at $49.90 per month to manage two domains and four competitor domains. Check out up to 2500 referring domains and 200 keywords. An export feature is included with this plan, and you receive access for three users.
  • Professional Plan – Begins at $99.90 per month to manage four domains and four competitor domains. Check out up to 5000 referring domains and 400 keywords. An export feature is included with this plan, and you receive access for five users.

A 30 day free trial is offered, and you can opt for more advanced or customized plans that go all the way up to $249.90 per month for ten domains.


Monitor Backlinks Support

I figured the Monitor Backlinks support team would only offer an email form, but it actually provides a phone number and email contact form for getting in contact with a dedicated support team in either London or New York.


The FAQ page is helpful, but there isn't anything like a knowledge base or forum, which is kind of a pain for those who like to do their own research. However, if you'd like to connect via social media, or even read some blog articles, each of these are offered.

The Overall Consensus

Let's start with the pricing. It's confusing as heck. However, some might argue that it opens up a more flexible payment system for a wider amount of customers. I would recommend starting with the cheapest plan and upgrading if you feel that it's not enough for you.

As for the features, Monitor Backlinks is all about automation. It's truly a unique tool since you only receive notifications when your website gains or loses backlinks. In addition, it explains what makes a backlink good, which is a solid system since most people don't have the time or knowledge to study up on this topic.

If you have any questions about the Monitor Backlinks platform, please leave a comment in the section below.

Monitor Backlinks Rating: 4.6 - Review by

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