Goodvidio Review: Visual Commerce Solution for Product Videos That Increases Conversion up to 74%

Would you be interested in a solution that's been shown to increase ecommerce conversion rates by 74% on average?

What about a solution that increases average session duration by 340%?

It sounds pretty impressive, and it all comes from companies that have worked with a visual commerce platform called Goodvidio.

Since 96% of consumers find videos helpful when making purchasing decisions, one thing is clear:  ecommerce sites must have product videos. But how do you get them?

When it comes to product videos, your mind typically runs to two options: create your own videos (creative, but costly and time consuming) or see what’s out there on social media and try to bring this content to your store. Well, now you can choose the second option but without the awkward DIY approach and do it at scale.

This is where Goodvidio comes in handy. Forget about all the pains for having videos on your product pages.  Goodvidio is a visual commerce platform that takes off your hands the work of searching, filtering, ranking, and publishing product videos from social media to product pages. Goodvidio also measures and optimizes how videos influence the shopping behaviour so that you can enjoy automated conversion optimization without lifting a finger.


Say you’re running an online store selling small home appliances, like coffee machines, and you need product review videos. You’d like to bring the videos made by brands and users from YouTube to your product pages. You’ll probably start by browsing YouTube for the most relevant and up to date videos about your products. But once you get past 10 or 20 products, your patience will start to wear off and you’ll quit this exercise because: a) it takes time to find good quality videos, b) you’re paralyzed by the endless choice of videos out there, and c) you have no idea which videos will get your customers to order something from your store. Not to mention, it gets pretty frustrating when the videos are suddenly removed by the creator so you have to find the fresh ones from the start, if you have detected the removed video in the first place. This is a real nightmare to deal with!

Once I started looking at Goodvidio, it became pretty clear that the platform solves all these problems and allows you to automate everything, from video discovery and curation to publishing and optimization. So, I took a deeper look to see exactly what Goodvidio has to offer, along with what types of ecommerce stores would find it useful.



Goodvidio Pricing

At first is looked a little complicated, but the Goodvidio pricing structure is setup so that you have a decent amount of flexibility. You can start with a free trial for 15 days before you decide on a subscription plan. This gives you enough time to test the service and decide if it makes sense for your store.

Goodvidio offers six pricing packages, which gives you plenty of options to choose from. The plans differ depending on: the volume of monthly visitors you have on product pages enriched with video, the level of insights about shopper engagement and conversion (from basic to advanced), and the ability to use the A/B testing feature. At the most basic Starter package, for $49 per month for an annual subscription you can get the service (including video discovery, curation, publishing, management and basic analytics) for a store that has up to 1,000 monthly visitors. In comparison, the Premium package for $999 per month accommodates stores with 60,000 monthly visitors, and adds advanced insights and A/B testing, together with a dedicated customer success manager to help you do product video succesfully on your store.. So, whether you’re running a small up-and-coming online store or a multi-channel business with advanced ecommerce site, you’ll be able to scale the subscription plan according to your needs.

You can also opt for an Enterprise plan,  which is fully customized and where their sales team will make an offer just for you. All plans give you the option to manage your product pages from the Goodvidio app and play with different levels of automation, depending on your preferences. You can choose to get billed annually or on month-to-month basis, and the annual plans give you a discount that amounts to two free months.

Goodvidio Features

Seamless Discovery Solution for Finding The Best Videos for your Product Pages

Goodvidio app is where you can manage your product pages, publish videos, and quickly set your preferences for video discovery, curation and publishing. It’s  very straightforward and quick to set up.

goodvidio-InstallationAlthough it can be used as a video management solution for your online store, Goodvidio really shines on discovering product videos that are scattered across social media sites like YouTube. Goodvidio works by installing a piece of code onto your site (similar to Google analytics). It takes less than 5-15 minutes to do this, so don’t worry about the time. The script is supported on any type of ecommerce platform, and Goodvidio has integrations with platforms like Shopify, Magento, PrestaShop and more. Goodvidio provides the installation code during the sign-up, but you can see it here as well.


After a signup, you have to setup your video discovery preferences to set what kind of videos you want Goodvidio to find for you, whether it’s videos made by the manufacturers, experts or consumers (UGC).  You can also filter based on the languages. You can change your preferences at any time from the app.

goodvidio-video-publish-modeNext, you can set your video publishing preferences. This means, once videos are found and filtered, you can either let Goodvidio automatically publish videos on your product pages based on the Goodvidio score (more on that in a minute) or you can decide to moderate and publish videos on your own from the Goodvidio app.  

goodvidio-app-productsAfter you have set your preferences and installed the code on your store, Goodvidio automatically profiles your store for 24h to discover your product pages, without the need for manual data entry or a custom product feed, based on discovery strategies such as the most popular products. For each discovered product page, Goodvidio begins to search for relevant product videos on social media.  The most relevant videos will be delivered to you straight on the app – simple as that.

As soon as videos are found, you receive an email notification for selecting the videos that you would like to publish on your product page from the recommended videos (ranked by relevance). Videos are published on a responsive, mobile-optimized video gallery that you can customize, based on the look and feel of your product page.

The Juice Is In Product Video Discovery & Curation

Video discovery & curation is probably the juiciest part of Goodvidio. For each product you’ll get a set of videos that have been filtered to match your preferences and ranked for quality using the Goodvidio score.

Goodvidio score is the secret sauce and takes into consideration various cues about the video, such as its relevance to the product and your preferences, its popularity on the video sharing platform, the quality of the content and a few other things.

Goodvidio combines machine and human intelligence to assess the quality of the videos found, filter and rank the relevant product videos according to your preferences. Goodvidio actually has a product video expert curation team that makes sure that only the best videos will be delivered to you.

No weird cat videos here or anything off-putting for that matter (you won’t get videos with bad audio, off-topic content, adult content, profanities etc)!


You can manage the videos in the Goodvidio app – preview, shuffle, arrange, organize, approve and remove videos as you like. If you opted for manual publishing, this is where you select videos to be published on your product pages. If you chose automated option, then you don’t have to do anything, the system will automatically pull the highest-scoring videos straight to your product pages. Then, you can sit back and watch as the videos are pulled into your website. The whole beauty is that you don’t have to deal with the video embed code for each video on your own – Goodvidio does everything, so you can go about and handle more important things.

Sleek Product Video Galleries

I'm pretty amazed at how simple and standardized the video galleries look, particularly since I had a chance to look at several different types of websites using Goodvidio.

goodvidio-simplyelectricalsAs you can see, the videos are generally shown right under the product images and “buy-now” button. There’s no awkward video positioning or formatting. Video galleries match the style of your product pages and feel organic to the site experience, as if there were always there. They’re also optimized to look good on all devices (mobile, tablet etc). When a user clicks on a video, a beautiful lightbox feature reveals a high resolution video with full screen functionality.


Videos are streamed directly from the source (social video sharing platform), so there are no load delays on the page. Using the native player of the video sharing platform helps get a feeling that this is an authentic video from social media. Also, Goodvidio has taken care of potential native player features such as recommended videos and captions that can lead shoppers to leave your site.


Handling  Product Videos that become Unavailable

One big question I had about Goodvidio is whether or not the videos are updated automatically. For example, I could easily see a video being pulled from YouTube and your product page not reflecting the changes. Well, it turns out Goodvidio has a solution for this. The platform monitors in the background and automatically replaces removed content with alternative from the pool of videos available for a product. This way, you don’t have to worry about ugly black boxes with missing videos on your product pages.

Conversion Rate Optimization using Product Videos

You can find a few video curation solutions on the market, but not all of them focus on conversion optimization. Goodvidio combines web, video and ecommerce analytics with an embedded A/B testing engine to measure how video influences the shopping behaviour and to generate insights about shopper conversion and engagement, which are then used to optimize the video selection for your product pages. Basically, Goodvidio can find which product videos are the best for converting and engaging your shoppers.

By implementing the simple installation, Goodvidio can measure shopper engagement and conversion up to the add-to-basket button. If you add some extra tracking code on your purchase confirmation page, Goodvidio can measure the actual purchases by capturing the ecommerce transactions taking place on your store. This way Goodvidio can monitor in greater depth how videos influence the purchasing behaviour and generate more useful insights.

If your store has sufficient traffic (>50K monthly visitors), you can enable the A/B testing feature to monitor the lift that video brings to your conversion rate, by testing no video vs video on product pages, without any additional implementation! It's pretty cool because without A/B testing you cannot validate if a video is boosting your sales on an item.

Goodvidio sends you weekly reports with insights so that you can learn how consumers interact with video galleries, how video impacts their buying behavior and what types of videos work best for your products.

Goodvidio Support

Goodvidio has a hands-on approach for helping customers successfully implement a video strategy on product pages. The company is very active on social media, they regularly share updates from their blog with practical tips for ecommerce, as well as best practices from the web. If you need help you can email them, they are very responsive. Some of the plans offer phone support, if you need extra help. Oh yea, and there’s also live chat on the site as well as in the app, so you can get help and support directly from their friendly customer success team.

Who is Goodvidio Best For?

Goodvidio would benefit any store selling consumer goods: electronics, appliances and gadgets, beauty, health, baby, accessories, sporting goods – the list goes on and on. Basically, Goodvidio is handy for any store that sells products which could use a good review, unboxing or demo videos to help shoppers decide to buy.  Goodvidio has clients that include small online-only stores with niche product ranges (e.g., Smooth & Groomed) as well as multinational brands with ecommerce sites such as Tassimo, Cadbury, Deutsche Telecom etc. The size of the store is not a limitation, since you have plenty of pricing packages to choose from, and the data has shown that videos are bound to improve your conversions.

If you would like to try Goodvidio, you can visit their website to start a free trial.

Catalin Zorzini

I'm a web design blogger and started this project after spending a few weeks struggling to find out which is the best ecommerce platform for myself. Check out my current top 10 ecommerce site builders.