Antenna Shopify App – Mobile First Ratings – The Ratings of the Future?

If I told you a single ecommerce ratings app has shown to boost conversions by an average of 32%, would it grab your attention?

Well that's what the folks behind the Antenna Shopify app are claiming, and it seems like the numbers don't lie.

Shopify already has a default reviews app that they try to pitch to all users. In addition, the Shopify app store offers a few other options to bring in ratings and reviews underneath your product descriptions. I like the default Shopify Reviews app, and some of the others are pretty impressive. But Antenna stands out because of its mobile-first approach.

Antenna believes that star ratings are somewhat useless, especially on mobile, because that's not how customers make recommendations. You never say, “this is a 5-star shirt” when talking about a product to a friend. Instead you'd mention that it fits perfectly and the material is really soft.

Antenna also thinks that long reviews are intimidating for customers and cluttering for a website. Therefore, the Antenna ratings are made based on words and phrases mentioned by the users. After that, the most commonly used words and phrases are bumped to the top to guide new customers with purchases. I'm excited about this app, so keep reading to learn more.

Antenna Mobile First Ratings – The Features

Phrase-based Ratings

We talked about this a little bit in the introduction, but it's worth looking at again because of how it's the main feature. I'm amazed at how automated the Antenna app runs, since you only have to copy a tiny piece of code below your product descriptions to reveal the Antenna ratings box.

After that, customers can come to your site, buy a product and specify their ratings for their own criteria.

For example, let's say I bought a new pair of running shoes. I personally think that price, fit, durability and style all come into play when it comes to my rating.

Therefore, I might specify that the pair of shoes is the “right price,” “durable,” and “super stylish.” But I also feel like the shoes “have a loose fit.”

All of these terms are used as my ratings. If someone else says that the shoes are too big or loose, Antenna would weight those ratings as being useful, moving them up in the rankings.

Pool Ratings Across Categories and Product Lines

One problem with a new ratings module is the dreaded “There are no ratings for this product. Be the first.”

That makes it look like no one has bought the item. Therefore, you have a chance to “pool” your ratings across different items on your store, filling up the blank space and delivering relevant ratings when necessary.

A good example would involve a new line of shoes with slightly different designs and colors. Some of the new shoes might be lacking in the ratings department. However, since the most popular items in the category are so similar to the less popular ones, Antenna lets you push those same reviews to every product in the category.

Pair Antenna Ratings with Your Standard Ratings and Review App

Shopify offers a default ratings and review app, or you could go with another solution. But one thing to consider is that many Antenna users have both on their sites. This occurs when a company would like to have the mobile-first Antenna ratings, but they also find value in having star ratings and extended reviews.

Therefore, you could include the Antenna ratings right below the product descriptions, then place the longer reviews right below that.

Antenna Mobile First Ratings – Pricing

One of the best parts about Antenna is that the core ratings functionality is completely free, forever.

From the looks of it Antenna has no plans on changing this pricing strategy, so all you have to do is get signed up for a Shopify store (which has a monthly fee) then you can install Antenna to receive all of the mobile-first ratings tools.

According to the app page, Antenna does have plans to release a premium version of the app, so I can't promise that all of the free features will stay free forever. But hopefully they just add onto the free version to make a completely new premium version.

Regardless, it's rather impressive that all users can get such a revolutionary new ratings system for free.

Future Premium Features to Look Out For

As we discussed in the pricing section, Antenna plans on having a premium plan in the future. What can you expect to see with this plan?

  • List curation for the most popular phrases punched into Antenna. (ie. Customers mentioned these as extremely cute dresses)
  • SEO tools.
  • Use Antenna to re-target customers who have used the Antenna ratings module.
  • Make your own animated product stories for sharing on social media.

Antenna Mobile First Ratings – Support

Antenna has a blog for updates and tips, along with three social media outlets: Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. These are all fine for reaching out to the developers if you need a quick response to a question.

However, the true support comes in the form of a knowledge base. Here you can sign in with your own username, connect with other users through a forum and submit your own questions as tickets. I also like these knowledge bases since it lets users complete their own research from questions asked in the past.

I haven't noticed anything that lets you call or instant chat with the Antenna support team. However, it's a self-explanatory app that I can't imaging requires much more than a forum and knowledge base.

Overall, I give a big thumbs up to the Antenna support.

You Should Consider the Antenna Mobile First Ratings App?

Since Antenna is free, I suggest that all ecommerce stores at least give it a try. I recommend doing some A/B tests and benchmarking your conversions. This way you can see if Antenna actually improves your conversions along the way.


I like Antenna for companies that are looking for a new way to boost those conversions, particularly brands that would like to be a little unique when it comes to ratings.

If you would like to install Antenna on your Shopify store, go to the download page here. Otherwise, let us know if you have any questions in the comments section below.

Catalin Zorzini

I'm a web design blogger and started this project after spending a few weeks struggling to find out which is the best ecommerce platform for myself. Check out my current top 10 ecommerce site builders.