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You know that dream where you end up in a cartoon? Something along the lines of “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”, but much better? The thing is that afterwards you don’t remember the ‘stars’, or the confusing storyline, you only remember the colours. They are bright, and it seems like somebody is constantly refreshing them, as they never fade. And you don’t want to wake up because your room has goose egg green walls and beige carpet.

But to cut a long dream short, I do believe that the guys from Jump From Paper, must have had a similar dream. They are some sort of magicians, because they managed to manufacture those dreamy colours and contours in real life, in the shape of handbags, cross bags, shoulder bags, backpacks, purses, or those bags meant to protect your precious laptop. When it comes to the geography and geometry of bags it looks like they had all figured out. Plus the dreamy bit. Now I want to see the guy who said that dreams don’t come true.


Let’s rewind for a minute. What is JumpFromPaper? It’s a stylish accessory brand designing bags. OK, nothing special so far, you might say. But the way they design those bags makes a huge difference. For instance, how would you describe boldness and playfulness in a bag? Because these guys took it literally in an attempt to fulfill that childhood fantasy I was talking about in the beginning.

The designer duo Chay and Rika got together in 2010. They started small, as most successful stories do. These days they got as big as… 25 countries worldwide. In a nutshell, their philosophy is “Why take everything so serious?” and the lightness of this is actually captured in a… bag. How cool is that? Life philosophy you can carry with you.

Admit it, this is original and necessary in a world where daily bags (and baggage!) should be practical and fun.

For me, the most important thing is that it makes me smile. When a bag has this effect on you, you hold it tight and carry it with you everywhere for some extra boost. Think of all the therapy you’ll never need. Not to mention the bonus smiles of those you’ll meet and greet.

The bags have names that only add to the comic book – dream like – cartoon – childhood fantasy joy. Afternoon Tea, Giggle, Spaceman, Play Hookie can always be replaced by Sober, Tank, Buzzed, City Wandered, and Travel Fever. I’m actually having trouble picking the name too. Can I please call my Buzzed bag, Afternoon Tea? I can even smell the Rooibos leaves. So, give yourself permission to jump from the ordinary to something extra…

What shall it be? Take away or dream in? Check out JumpFromPaper on Facebook too.

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