Wix Ecommerce Review: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (March 2017)

WIX has just recently ventured into the ecommerce world with WIX ecommerce, a platform for selling anything from clothing to speciality cakes. The company has taken the website building world by storm, allowing small business owners to leapfrog over expensive website design companies and put their own time into generating a stylish website without having to pay the hefty costs.

I’ve played around with Wix in the past, and I find the tools to be simple and intuitive, but that doesn’t mean that the company’s ecommerce system reflects past achievements. We know that other newer ecommerce companies like Squarespace have seen their share of hurdles, since making an online store creation interface is rather difficult.

That said, I want to give you an in-depth review on what I think about Wix’s new addition, so keep reading to understand if it’s a viable platform for you.

Wix Ecommerce Features

Upon creating an account and scanning through the general dashboard, Wix Ecommerce seems to offer the standard features that you would expect from any ecommerce platform. That said, compared to a solution like Shopify, or if you went with a WordPress website, you would certainly find quite a few features that are lacking in the Wix system.

Wix Ecommerce features

Wix has an easy-to-use dashboard, and the drag and drop interface works well for beginners. They have an app market for including add-ons and other cools things like contact forms and receipts. However, once again, the Shopify add-on library has more ecommerce-focused add-ons, so I figure Wix is best for very small stores that might not be thinking of scaling up right away.

You can quickly add a product page, integrate social media, include images and even change around shapes and buttons. These are all to be expected, but it’s nice to know Wix did well in terms of the basics.

Wix Ecommerce Ease of Use

Ease of use is the strong point for Wix, since the drag and drop editor is simply flawless. They’ve always had this for their other site builders and simply integrated it in for ecommerce sites. the dashboard has just a few buttons to choose from, helping beginners hone in on the tasks that are most important.

You can move around every component on your homepage and product pages with just a quick drop of your mouse. This way you don’t have to worry about messing with code to make your customizations. You also receive a nice taskbar at the top to publish or save your work, ensuring that you don’t lose anything.

The five buttons on the left of the dashboard allow you to modify pages, add components, design items, go to the app market and mess around with your settings. Overall, the interface is simplistic, kinda fun and easy on the eyes.

Wix Ecommerce Pricing

Feel free to view all of the Wix pricing plans on this page, but the breakdown for ecommerce sites is simple.

If you pay an upfront yearly fee you only have to spend $8.08 per month. On the other hand, if you opt to pay for your website on a monthly basis, the price comes out to $19.90 per month. The payment comes with a free domain for a year, some interesting ad vouchers for marketing your site, two premium add-ons for free and 20GB of storage.

Wix Ecommerce pricing

If you need to save some money for your startup or small business, this pricing is one of the best in the business, beating out options like Shopify and Squarespace.

Wix Ecommerce Templates and Design

I have one thing to say about the Wix ecommerce templates: They aren’t going to give you anything spectacular.

Wix ecommerce templates

Yes, they are simple and rather clean, but they are clearly designed for people just getting started with a business. This raises some questions I have about the platform’s scalability, since it’s not all that clear how accessible the the website files are for making your own code customizations.


The good part is that all Wix templates are responsive, so you know that your mobile users are able to bring up your site on tablets and smartphones. Overall, you can’t beat the designs in terms of cleanliness, but not every single site wants the simplest of designs.

Wix Ecommerce Inventory

Managing inventory in Wix isn’t all that difficult, but I would consider the whole inventory management system a little lightweight compared to other ecommerce platforms. You can add a product, track inventory, display how many units are left, include product options and check in on your orders.

Wix Ecommerce inventory

Once again, it’s an inventory system for beginners. If you pride yourself in running a complicated inventory management process, this is not your cup of tea. Try Shopify or Bigcommerce instead.

Wix Ecommerce SEO and Marketing

SEO and marketing is surprisingly powerful in Wix, and I attribute that to the fact that Wix has been making websites for quite some time. It doesn’t matter what page you're on, just go to the SEO settings and fill in fields for your site title, site description, keywords, meta tags, redirects and more.

Wix ecommerce marketing

Marketing comes into play through the add-on store since you can implement integrations for things like email marketing and search engine advertising.

Wix Ecommerce Payments

Wix ecommerce payments

The Wix Ecommerce payments options are a little limited, but you receive the basics like PayPal and Authorize.net. The setup is rather easy, and from the looks of it you can even include a few other payment processors if you view the add-ons section.

Wix Ecommerce Security

Wix has an interesting method for processing ecommerce payments. They currently don’t have the ability to add an SSL certificate to a Wix site, so they only store product information when the customer checks out. Customers are then redirected to the merchant account page where their personal and financial information is securely processed.

This means that you have to redirect your customers away from your website for them to make a secure transaction. This is a huge flaw that needs fixing if people are going to adopt the Wix ecommerce platform. No one wants to send people away from their site, and this may scare away customers who don’t trust that Wix isn’t storing information. Wix obviously doesn’t store personal or financial information, but customers are hesitant when an SSL certificate isn’t displayed.

Wix Ecommerce Customer Support

Wix is known for its high quality support, and you receive their premium support package when signing up for an ecommerce site. You don’t get the priority callback service, but you can always upgrade if that’s important to you.

Wix ecommerce support

The Wix Support Center delivers documentation, forums and FAQs for just about any question you might have. You can also call in or send the company an email.


Who would I recommend the Wix Ecommerce platform to? Business owners who only plan on selling less than 100 products. You can make your site look fairly professional and run perfectly capable payment systems through the interface, and the dashboard is so darn easy to use.

That said, drop a line in the comment section if you have any questions about the Wix Ecommerce system.

WIX Rating: 4.3 - Review by

Catalin Zorzini

I'm a web design blogger and started this project after spending a few weeks struggling to find out which is the best ecommerce platform for myself. Check out my current top 10 ecommerce site builders.

24 Responses

  1. Hi Catalin –
    Thanks for the overview. I do have a quick question. I will only be offering a few packages. I am a health coach and will offer things like Detox packages, Monthly Fitness packages, etc. Everything I sell will be in some sort of file format and downloaded not SHIPPED. Do you know if I have the capability within WIX to launch an executable via DropBox that would download this? Do you happen to know what others are doing? Thank you! Connie

  2. I want to set up an e-commerce platform where my major suppliers register on my website as traders and we take the 30% from the retail price if its sold from our website but orders go to the supplier for delivery. We pay these suppliers once a month. We pay them the money once a monce or even more regularly minus the 30% we take out for selling our platform -can Wix do this?

  3. Hey, thanks for the reviews! These are very helpful for someone starting out. I was wondering if you had any recommendations if I am primarily going to sell downloadable exercise and nutrional counseling videos, etc.
    I would not be interested in redirecting my customers to a different site so wix would probably not be a good choice. I’m also the type of person that doesn’t mind spending a little extra for bonus quality, etc.
    I will be starting the website and would want to be able to implement this type of software but I have not chosen the website development software yet at all. Any help is appreciated!
    Thank you!

  4. Hi, Could Wix do a registry add on where clients would create their own site within our site so their friends could come and purchase off their registry?


  5. Be careful, don’t use Wix website. Wix is maybe the WORST provider ever seen. Wix team always make false advertising everywhere. Wix website are totally unfunctionals. No answer from support, or stupid answers with no solutions to problems.

    Very SLOW websites, or if you made a page with very few (2 or 3) elements : They seem being able to give you a very nice and beautiful website but you can’t use it when you use apps. It is totally false advertising. Images send to socials are very very little and absolutely not interesting, many bugs and more and more and more….

    The only answer from Wix team, if we can call them a team, is to clean history and cache. Did you ever said to your clients : “hey buddy, if you want to access our website, clear your cache !!!” RIDICULOUS !!!

    Don’t forget that : with Wix, you have a low price initial webpage, but after ALL is paying.
    Never use Wix websites, they are dishonest and unscrupulous about their product and services.


    N’utilisez jamais de site internet chez Wix, probablement le pire provider qui existe. Wix passe son temps à faire de la publicité mensongère partout, vous faisant croire à de somptueux sites qui en réalité ne fonctionnent jamais et sont très, très lents, à tel point que même vous avez envie de partir de votre propre page. Sauf évidemment si vous ne mettez que deux ou trois apps dessus, auquel cas il ne ressemble à rien.

    Leur équipe ne résout aucun problème, ne donne aucune solution. La seule réponse est en permanence la même : videz vos caches, redémarrez votre navigateur !

    Avez vous déjà dit à vos clients : “Si vous souhaitez accéder à notre site, videz donc vos caches Monsieur, enfin, comment faut-il vous le dire ?” On rêve d’entendre ce genre de nullité comme réponse de la part d’un support de provider de nos jours, et jamais aucune autre solution.

    Les sites Wix sont définitivement à proscrire, n’utilisez Jamais ce provider.C’est une publicité totalement mensongère, et malhonnête. De plus, après une page installée presque gratuitement, chez Wix, tout est payant !!! La nullité, c’est comme le minimalisme artistique, cela coute très cher.

    Wix : Fuyez ce provider, c’est le seul conseil à donner.

  6. Hey, very helpful! I have already built a site, but need a privacy policy for my bank (Chase) to hook up merchant services. Wix provides no template or example (as shopify does) Do you have any suggestions or examples? ?

    1. Unfortunately they do not provide a privacy policy template at the moment, you can start with their own example or you can try to find other legal documents on Google. Contacting a lawyer to help you would be a good idea too.

  7. Hey, highly helpful review. One doubt though, I am building a video chat site with the help of the Skype button. Is Wix a good tool? And is it trustworthy with the payment system. And also, after the site is built using Wix, can I use a domain other than Wix?

    Thank you.

  8. The crucial feature wix is lacking is a confirmation email of orders. The seller gets such, the buyer not. This already is lacking for years and they still did not fix it and have no clue when that will be. So if this feature is important to you, choose a different platform.

  9. My Wix plan was cancelled on Nov. 1, 2016. I received a comformation the same day, Nov. 1, 2016 I gave them the reference number from Nov. 1st. I never received a credit. It’s now 17 days later and I am still waiting. I spoke to the representative today and she again cancelled my account and stated it could take 10-20 days to receive the credit. So in addition to the first 17 days, I now have to possibly wait an additional 20 days. I am not happy! My feedback is very poor.

  10. I think the number of stars is a bit high for what Wix provides.

    If you are the user that the author describes at the end of the review, Wix will most likely meet your requirements but only just. For anything more it is a real struggle. I’ll post a few of the missing features/functionality that are a deal-breaker for me and will see me switch platform once my sub runs out (roll on summer!).

    *No batch upload of products- this makes setup a real pain. Each item must be described, coded, options added, tagged priced and on and on.

    *Product pages are just a galley. There is no option for the visitor to customise the view (number of products per page, sort options: price low to high A-Z etc, filters on colour size etc), and the solution or workaround is a real PITA which sees you creating multiple needless pages .

    *There are no downloadable reports and any “stock control” that they mention is seriously underwhelming and is not fit for purpose.

    *There is no support or integration for providing shipping tracking. Really.

    Unless you want to spend your time pulling your hair out trying to find workarounds for what seem like pretty basic requirements I would look elsewhere. Budget dictated our choice, but it has definitely proved a false sense of economy.

  11. We really like Wix except it doesn’t have much reporting as far as sales and profit per product goes. Does anyone have a suggestion for an app or another software program that can report profit per item, monthly sales, and inventory along with Wix?

  12. Hey Catalin, great review.
    Just wondering, does Wix allow html/css editing & injecting some javascript framework, etc.?

    1. Hi Refia,

      We’re glad you enjoyed our review!

      You can only insert external HTML/CSS and JavaScript code using the HTML widget. Editing the source code of your Wix site isn’t possible.


      Bogdan – Editor at Ecommerce-Platforms.com

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