Suggestions For Preventing Shopping Cart Abandonment


Shopping cart abandonment is a phenomenon that is common in e-commerce. It is an idea that shows the proportion between the number of people who commit to an online purchase and the number of the possible customers who leave the sites at some point, without checking out. Sadly, the registered abandonment rate, as stated by many specialists in the field, is around 60% and up to 80%. We will try to discuss several tips that could be implemented in order to improve the conversion rates and reduce the number of people abandoning your shopping cart.
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Infographic – How to Boost Revenue Through Upselling and Cross Selling

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As a store owner you know there is nothing more important than growing your revenue, but just what can you do in order to boost revenue? More traffic to your website must mean higher conversion rates, right? Well not always, the reality is that more traffic does not always mean more sales. However a good way to increase sales is through upselling and cross selling your products The guys at QuickSprout have created this stunning inforgraphic to explain how you can boost revenue through upselling and cross selling.

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Getting Social to Sell Successfully on Etsy


This is a guest post by Adrienne Dancer of Beat Bop Boom.

You might wonder why have an Etsy shop if we already have our own main e-commerce site. The reason is that Etsy has been a great way for us to reach out to customers all over the world in a very cost-effective way. Etsy is growing in popularity and a major competitor with eBay–and I prefer the design and product focus that Etsy offers compared to eBay. (I see eBay like a big yard sale, whereas Etsy has more of a boutique shop feel.) Plus, Etsy’s fee structure and features are much more business-friendly compared to eBay if you are selling fixed-priced items and not interested in auction-style pricing.
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5 Ways to Increase Shop Conversion Rates

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We make fast decisions on whether to engage or not with a website based on whatever we can make out in regard to the website in the very first moments. The responsibility for making a good first impression lies with designers, developers and site owners. Given the opportunity of pursuing a visitor which is really small, most designs don’t really fulfill the criteria of a perfect website that would satisfy every visitor’s interests. However, most websites do not exist just to impress visitors. Most websites exist to be efficient and sell. Whether it is to get visitors to subscribe to the blog feed, or to download a trial, every website ultimately exists to make a sale of some kind.
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How to Improve your Forms to increase purchases

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Every store experiences the phenomena in which users who add products to their cart without making a purchase abandon the site and do not return. UX designers need to work with web developers to prevent shopping cart abandonment for the benefit of the store. There are several complex reasons behind shopping cart abandonment yet we will put a focus on how specifically forms and field prevent your users to commit to buying.
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