Infographic:Online Shopping Habits Men vs.Women


An online store owner will examine their customer datain order to find news ways to grow their business,and better ways to target customers.Mostly they will look at stats on certain purchasing groups,but it’s not too often we stop and take a hard look at what the clear cut differences are between male and female shoppers.

Therefore, we have created this info graphic in order to examine the differences between men and women in their online shopping habits.While you might be tempted to say you know everything there is to know about the differences,  a broader look into the two sexes reveals some interesting information that all online shop owners can use.
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Top 10 Live Chat Apps You Need to Use for Your Ecommerce Business


Did you know that live chat has the highest satisfaction level for any customer service channel,with a 73%approval rating?Email is the next closest with a 61%approval rating.Can you imagine how much happier your customers would be if you had a live chat module in your online store.

How much more would youhave in sales?Would you be able to hire new people with the additional sales?Chances are,a live chat module could help you move to the next level with your online company. The market is filled with live chat modules,and all of them cater to different companies,so I put together a list of the best ones,with each option telling you if it’s right for your store.
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6 Ecommerce Apps That Could Enhance the Way You Do Business From Your Mobile


Smartphones and tablets have completely changed the game for theecommerce industry.In the last few years the strategies of large and small companies alike have shifted to become more mobile focused as consumers have rapidly embraced mobile shopping.For instance,70 percent of consumers shopped via their smartphone this past holiday season.

A few years agodesigning an app or a mobile sitefor your company was a luxury,but now it’s becoming more and more of a necessity.Ecommerce business owners,take note.Following are the must-have apps that will make mobile business easier and more useful for both consumers and owners.
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Common SEO Mistakes in Magento and How to Avoid Them


Having an online store means a constant struggle formore traffic,higher positions andconversion rate.SEO experts have covered to death the topics connected with search engine optimization of online stores but you’ll be surprised to know how many store owners neglect the tips and continue losing potential traffic and sales.Knowing the most common SEO flaws of Magento stores and following tips in this article will help you to stand head and shoulders above the competition in the tough world of eCommerce.
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