The 5 Ways All Boring Businesses Can Improve Visibility


Even though your business is boring, you probably offer a great product that many consumers could benefit from. If potential customers don’t know that you exist, however, it doesn’t matter how great your products or services are, because no one will buy them.

Increasing brand awareness, especially if you happen to fall into a mundane business category (say bed mattresses or matcha tea), should be at the top of your priorities list. Here are five ways all boring businesses can improve visibility:
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Shopify Pricing: Starter vs Basic vs Professional vs Unlimited: Which Plan is Best for You?


Shopify is by far the most desirable ecommerce platform for quickly getting a store up and running online, but a common question seems to constantly come up when companies begin building their stores. Which Shopify pricing plan is best for me?

The Shopify team offers four plans to choose from: Starter, Basic, Professional and Unlimited. It’s often tough to see which one you should choose, considering you don’t want to needlessly spend money for features you don’t require.
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The Interchange-Plus Pricing Model and Why It’s Your Best Friend


If you currently run an online business, take out your most recent credit card processing statement. If you’re still in the market for building an online business, put all your focus on this article, because this could mean the difference between you cutting costs efficiently or draining your resources way too quick.

Merchant account pricing models, a topic that sounds super boring, is actually rather simple once you take a moment to think about it. Not only that, but a quick understanding of the desirable, and not-so-desirable, options could be mean success or failure for you. Your best bet is the ever-so detailed, yet transparent, interchange-plus pricing model.
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