The Interchange-Plus Pricing Model and Why It’s Your Best Friend


If you currently run an online business, take out your most recent credit card processing statement. If you’re still in the market for building an online business, put all your focus on this article, because this could mean the difference between you cutting costs efficiently or draining your resources way too quick.

Merchant account pricing models, a topic that sounds super boring, is actually rather simple once you take a moment to think about it. Not only that, but a quick understanding of the desirable, and not-so-desirable, options could be mean success or failure for you. Your best bet is the ever-so detailed, yet transparent, interchange-plus pricing model.
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The Ultimate Guide on How To Use Instagram to Generate Sales for Your Online Shop


Instagram is a match made in heaven for those looking to use social media for ecommerce and reach out to people who are on their phones, since it’s not even that common for users to open up Instagram on regular computers.

For quite some time you weren’t even able to access the Instagram homepage from a PC or MAC, and you still can’t post images from the primary Instagram website. What does this mean? Instagram is one of the most intimate social media networks in the world, since you gain access to every follower’s personal phone. In short, it’s wonderful for generating sales and pushing more people to your online store.
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The Best CRMs that Integrate with Shopify: A Comparison

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 9.49.03 PM

Handling customer contact information is tough enough without having to jump back and forth between your ecommerce platform and a useful CRM. Does your online business even use a CRM? Are you wondering what the benefits are to see if a CRM is worth the investment?

To start, a CRM has a wide range of benefits such as improving your customer relationships, increasing customer revenues, maximizing upselling and cross selling, improving your internal communications and optimizing your overall marketing strategy.
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How to Add Related Product Widgets in Your Online Store


Sharing related products is one of the best ways to optimize your ecommerce product pages for both humans and search engines. Just make sure you keep these recommended product listings uncluttered and relevant, to avoid overloading your customers and pushing them away from your store.

Some of the top ecommerce platforms actually come with related product widgets, using algorithms and your current product offerings to serve up the best solutions when people add different products to their shopping carts.
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How to Migrate Your Shop from Bigcommerce to Shopify

shop feat

Bigcommerce is a wonderful place to get started with your online business, considering the options for unlimited products and bandwidth, along with the sleek storefronts. However, the natural next step for expanding is to migrate your Bigcommerce shop to Shopify. Most online solid shops go with Shopify, and it’s primarily because of the platform’s robust feature set and built-in scalability.
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