Do Ecommerce Marketplaces Have a Tax Problem?

Marketplaces are a growing phenomenon in ecommerce at the moment but in 2 regions a similar story seems to be happening. “In 2007, only 10% of digital sales went to the 3rd party merchants listed on a marketplace. Steadily, and perhaps stealthily, the figure climbed to 35% in 2016, according to Euromonitor International. Retailers around the world are now reckoning with this new normal in digital commerce.” Marketplace tax collection seems to be coming a political topic and a potential generator of significant tax revenues for the US and UK governments.

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The Impact of Brexit on UK Ecommerce

European ecommerce is at a cross roads as new laws regarding payment and geoblocking of products are in the final stages of adoption. Britain’s decision to leave the European Union (Brexit) in 2 years time is going to also change the European ecommerce ecosystem. British based business are able to use ecommerce as a channel will also definitely change as well.

Currently – for the next 2 years there will be discussion and changes to policy and legislation for ecommerce in Europe. The status quo remains intact until the European Union and the UK Government agree on their separation.

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