ConstantContact Review [E-mail Marketing Service]


As a current or future ecommerce store owner/marketer, you are no doubt aware of the value of email marketing as it relates to your ebusiness. From this perspective, the utility of a powerful email marketing service assumes a very high level of importance in terms of your sales, marketing and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) operations, which can all thrive with the help of a great email marketing service (and whither in absence of one).

While there are plenty of such services/apps available out there, most having similar basic functionalities, each one has a unique set of strengths and weaknesses so you’d do well to conduct careful research and select the service that best suits your requirements and preferences.

ConstantContact is one such email marketing service and here is my review of this service:


Contact Manager – one of the basic features of an email marketing app which is handled quite efficiently by this app.

List Segmentation – this useful email marketing feature is available at ConstantContact

Template Selection – a rich collection of some 400+ email templates is available from which you can pick and choose the ones of your liking

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Template Editor – a powerful yet easy-to-use WISYWIG (What You See Is What You Get) styled editor is available using which you can customize the templates as needed

Image Hosting – another useful email marketing related feature which is available with this service

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Social Media Marketing – ConstantContact allows easy integration of various social media marketing features with your email campaigns. This feature, however, comes with a non-negligible additional price tag of $20/mo.

Autoresponder – another must-have feature for an email marketing app which is available at ConstantContact

Surveys – 7 different types of email surveys are offered that you can start using right out of the box. Polls are also supported. These features, however, come at an additional cost of $15/mo.

RSS Feed Integration – this is a good side-feature of an email marketing app that ConstantContact does not offer

Google Analytics Integration – this is a fairly useful feature the support for which is lacking in the app

A/B Split Testing – a very valuable feature for any marketing campaign – via email or any other method – that is available with ConstantContact

Trigger-based Messaging – another useful email marketing feature which is supported by this app

Spam Score Checking – this is a highly useful and valuable email marketing app feature that is available with ConstantContact

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Reporting/Stats – detailed reporting and statistics are provided using which you can measure and track the performance of your email marketing campaigns

Other Noteworthy Features

A powerful online event management and promotion service is offered as an optional add-on, with monthly cost ranging from $20 to $150 depending upon the number of events you host. Another feature, called ‘SaveLocal’ allows you to create and promote trackable ‘social deals’ to local customers using coupons and vouchers, at a negligible cost.

Price Range

The paid plans start at a low $15/mo (up to 500 contacts), with the high-end plan at $85 (10,000 contacts). If your contact list exceeds 10,000, they offer custom plans too.

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Free/Trial Plan – a 60-day free trial plan is offered with which you can test the available features and functionality.  The number of email contacts with which you can use the trial plan is restricted to 100 addresses.

Click here to start a free trial.


Lack of Google Analytics integration is a major drawback. Additional monthly costs for social media integration and surveys are some more negatives. Other than that, ConstantContact is a fairly powerful email marketing service/app that you can even try for free for a period of 60 days.

You can start your free trial by clicking here.

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