Why Has Buying Groceries Online Been Slow to Catch On?

simply cook

While shopping online for other items is becoming ubiquitous, the one sector that has failed to gain any traction-is the supermarket. During the dotcom boom of the late 90’s there were sites like Grocery.com that tried and failed. Peapod is one current American online only player that is making some headway and there are also the likes of SimplyCook who offer monthly cooking kits for health-conscious foodies. Offline big chains like Safeway and Wal-Mart have entered the e-commerce area, with limited success.

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Exclusive Discount Coupon Code for The Growth Hacking Conference in London

growth hacking conference coupon

So I’m attending this event on the 28th of October as lots of the marketing people I look up to (including Neil Patel, Saul Klein, and Sean Ellis) will speak about what they know best: how to grow your business :) And the organizers were nice enough to offer a 10% discount for anyone using the coupon code catalin 

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How to Choose The Right Price for Your Product (3 Best Practices)

how to choose the right price for your product

We’ve talked about choosing the right template, improving conversions, and a dozen other topics, but not too much about the… much talked about pricing. There are strategies on how to choose the right price for your product that you should know about if you plan to succeed (or survive) in any competitive marketplace. Today I’ve picked 3 best practices (out of a rather impressive collection) about how to set your prices.

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