The Essential 5 SEO Rules for Ecommerce 2014

seo for ecommerce

SEO, we just can’t stop talking about it, I know. But the truth is that all this talk, and all those dozens of lists with rules can be sometimes overwhelming, especially to SEO and ecommerce newbies. So, I would take small steps and, to begin with, focus on a couple of essential rules before digging into other great resources. Yes, I discovered that some are more important than others (blame it on experience). I pay more attention to these 5 SEO rules for ecommerce in 2014, which should help you increase organic traffic to your online shop. Here they are:

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How to Create a Shop Identity on The Cheap

ecommerce identity

One of the questions often asked by new online store owners is, how can I get my store up and running without spending a huge amount of money on it. Even though you are very interested in starting your own store, you simply might not have the funds that some huge corporations have. In this roundup, I will look at different ways of creating a shop identity without having to spend the equivalent of a Hollywood movie budget. Continue reading