Top 5 Ecommerce Platforms Reviewed: Shopify, Volusion, Bigcommerce, BigCartel and 3dcart

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In a market as saturated as the ecommerce platform market, it can be very difficult to figure out which platform best meets your needs. If you are considering starting your own store, then chances are you have already run into this struggle at some point. So far I have reviewed most popular platforms as individual offers, and created this comparison chart, then ranked all platforms after their SEO effectiveness, but now it is time to see how the different platforms compare to each other: Shopify, Bigcommerce, 3dcart, Volusion and BigCartel.

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2Checkout Review [Payment Gateway]


Searching for a payment gateway turns into a confusing battle to figure out which companies offer the best rates, which of them are helpful for processing payments in various countries and how the systems integrate with your own online store. The 2Checkout solution serves as a wonderful option, since it integrates well with tools like Shopify, Bigcommerce and more.
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Payment Depot Review [Payment Gateway]

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It’s not always easy to understand what you should look for in a merchant account provider. Some argue that low fees are the most important, while others say that the pricing structure is really what matters in saving money.

When running an online business, you eventually have to make a decision on a merchant account provider, so it’s essential to understand the ins and outs of the business. Payment Depot is one of the more popular options out there, so it makes sense to provide a detailed review of the services.
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How to Migrate Your Shop from Big Cartel to Shopify

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Big Cartel is a great choice for your first small online shop, or for graduating from selling on Etsy, because of the basic offerings and features. However, once you’ve decided you want to build a solid business out of your store, the natural way is to move forward and migrate to Shopify (see some detailed Shopify reviews) or – if you already have a solid steady stream of traffic and customers – to Shopify Plus.
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